Puppet Master Movie Characters

Puppet Master Movie

in 1989 a Puppet Master came out, a movie that so far has 9 sequels. The special thing about Puppet master are the puppets that come to life, each with unique weapon and killing abilities.


Blade is in every Puppet Master movie ever made making him the most popular puppet. Although he has a great relationship teaming up with the other puppets, he is alaso independent compared to the others.

Puppet Master Blade

Jester has a multi-paneled face, which will spin until he has decided which face best fits his mood. Jester doesn’t have any real weapons which makes him vulnerable so he does not wander around by himself often. He is very small and fast and can fit into tight places.

Puppet Master Jester
Leech Woman

Leech Woman’s weapon is to vomit up leeches which will suck the life out of her enemies. You don’t want to mess with her. It does however take a while for her to fully vomit a leech so she is better at fighting enemies that are already weak and on the ground.

Puppet Master Leech Woman

Pinhead is the strongest and largest of the group of puppets but not necessarily the smartest. Although loyal to all the puppets, he spends a lot of time with his best friend Jester.

Puppet Master Pinhead

Tunneler is a deadly puppet who uses a drill on his head to drill into the enemies. Although he prefers drilling into the head of victims for a faster kill, he can also be seen drilling into other body parts in movies.

Puppet Master Tunneler
Six Shooter

Six-Shooter gets his name from his six arms, each with a handgun that shoots at his enemies. Before he is about to attack his bandana falls to cover his mouth.

Puppet Master Six Shooter

Torch is a dangerous puppet that shoots fire out of his right arm. He has a bad temper and is offended easily.

Puppet Master Torch

2 thoughts on “Puppet Master Movie Characters

  1. I like them because they are so awesome I watches the movie puppet master 1 my favourite one is Blade he is so awesome I gives is 9999999999999999999/99999999999999999999 rating because it is the best movie I ever seen and funny to it makes me very happy.


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