Chicago As Seen From Around South Lake Michigan

Chicago As Seen From Around South Lake Michigan

I’ve found that you can see some gorgrous views of Chicago from around the south rim of Lake Michigan. And it’s amazing how far you can see when there’s nothing abstructing your view. For example, New Buffalo, MI is roughly 40 miles (as the crow flies) to Chicago but you can still barely see the tops of a few buildings of the Chicago skyline from the beach at New Buffalo. Take a look at these ten images I found of photos from various distances along the lake. Please note that some of these photos are zoomed in at different levels which means that the skyline may look a little larger in some photos. Also, the map above will give you an overhead visual of where these photos were taken.

New Buffalo, MI (40 miles from skyline)
Chicago Skyline seen from New Buffalo, MI

Michigan City, IN (33 miles from skyline)Chicago Skyline seen from Michigan City, IN

Beverly Shores, IN (30 miles from skyline)Chicago Skyline seen from Beverly Shores, IN

Indiana Dunes, IN (28 miles from skyline)Chicago Skyline seen from Indiana Dunes, IN

Burns Harbor, IN (26 miles from skyline)Chicago Skyline seen from Burns Harbor, IN

Gary, IN (21 miles from skyline)Chicago Skyline seen from Gary, IN

Whiting, IN (15 miles from skyline)Chicago Skyline seen from Whiting, IN

Rainbow Park, IL (8 miles from skyline)Chicago Skyline seen from Rainbow Park, IL

Harold Washington Park, IL (6 miles from skyline)Chicago Skyline seen from Harold Washington Park, IL

31st St Harbor, IL (2 miles from skyline)Chicago Skyline seen from 31st St Harbor, IL


A Child Accomplished Art Exhibition

No one knows why kids get such a joy out of placing stickers on things but why not turn that idea into an art exhibition? The first part of Yayoi Kusama’a ‘The Obliteration Room’ features a space reminiscent of the average Australian home, filled with furniture and objects painted entirely in white. Next, children are given brightly colored stickers and let into the bland rooms to place these stickers and create the exhibition. Thousands of stickers were used to create the colorful rooms. You can visit at ‘The Obliteration Room‘ during ‘Yayoi Kusama: Look Now, See Forever‘, on display at the Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane, Australia until March 11, 2012.

More @ Queensland Art Gallery website.

What Would A Year-long Photo Exposure Look Like?

Year-long exposure

A year-long photo exposure looks something like this because that’s exactly what this is. Photographer Michael Chrisman used a pinhole camera to make a 365-day exposure of the Toronto skyline from Jan. 1, 2011, to Dec. 31, 2011. A typical exposure with a DSLR camera on a bright day might last between 1/250th and 1/1000th of one second. With this photo, the pinhole has been open for over 31 million seconds. The trails of light that are seen in the image are due to the earth shifting up and down in rotation during to the change in seasons. Those familiar with the Toronto skyline will recognize the CN Tower in the distance and Lake Ontario covering the bottom portion of the photo. This is quite a unique way to capture so much movement with one photo.

More @ Toronto News or purchase a print on Etsy.

Animated Comic Book Covers

Kerry Callen came up with this awesome animated comic books that are based on actual comic book covers of the past. There are also three more covers at the link below. This technique is very time consuming but can all be done in Photoshop.

The artwork has to be cut up into layers. In this case, the area of the artwork that doesn’t animate should be the layer in front and the other layers that animate should go behind that layer and the animation should be created. Finally, in the example here it looks like there would need to be another two layers that contains arm and shot glass to go in front of all the other layers. Although there looks like there is quite a bit of movement in this comic cover, the entire animation can really be done with just two or three frames.

If I had more spare time I’d love to work on a similar project with classic NES game covers.

More @ Kerry Callen’s Blog.