The Last of Us Remastered on PS4

the last of us remastered bloater
The Last of Us is a game that I remember hearing about but never purchased when it came out a couple years ago because I didn’t think I’d like it. I recently bought a PS4 and after reading the reviews, I decided to take a shot and download the Remastered PS4 version of the game. Let me say that I am about one third of the way through and it is one of the most amazing games I’ve ever played. I haven’t been this into a story driven game since Metal Gear Solid 4 about 16 years ago. In The Last of Us Remastered you control Joel and others across a post-apocalyptic United States. You use weapons such as knives, guns and bombs to defeat zombies that have taken over most of the earth. The graphics are gorgeous and the story is really well done. One of my favorite scenes was when I made my way through a high school of zombies and once in the gymnasium I battled this large Bloater character. This guy was bloating with puss and throwing poison sacks at me while trying to chase me. It took about 15 shots fired before he finally went down. In fact, the entire “Bills Town” chapter of the game was extremely entertaining and well written. I highly recommend this game if you have a PS4.


Super Mega Baseball for PS4

Super Mega Baseball

I recently purchased a game for my PS4 called Super Mega Baseball. It is a download only $20 baseball game from an indie studio called Metalhead. I’m not usually a big sports video game guy but I’m really liking this game. It had a true arcade feel and each nine inning game only lasts about 15-20 minutes. A lot of reviews online are stating that they don’t like the character design but I disagree. The characters are odd muppet looking people and there are females too. Some look more human than others. The controls for the game are about as easy as they can get. When you’re up at bat, there’s a special way to power hit and there’s a way to just swing. Pitching is also easy and fun to control. Believe it or not, I think I’ve been playing this game the most out of all my PS4 games including GTAV. I’m almost all the way through a short season of 16 games. My only complaint about the game is that when you’re up at bat it doesn’t show your AVG, HR, RBI and other stats for the season. It just briefly shows them right before you come to the plate.

PlayStation Vita TV Microconsole

PlayStation Vita TV

I just recently found out about a new product that Sony released in November, 2013 in Japan called PlayStation Vita TV. PS Vita TV is a microconsole that you hook up to your TV via HDMI cable and lets you play Vita games using a DualShock 4 controller. You won’t need an actual Vita handheld gaming system because the microconsole has everything built inside of it. Some functions such as rear touchpad, microphone or camera won’t work as they would on an actual Vita. Another cool feature of the device is that you can stream PS4 games from your PS4 system to another TV that has the PS Vita TV hooked up to it. The microconsole is about the size of a pack of playing cards and in Japan it currently costs roughly $100 or $150 for a bundle with a Dual Shock 4 and 8GB memory card. No news yet on if the PS Vita TV will be coming out west.

Hotline Miami – A Game of the 80’s, Today

Hotline Miami

The most recent game that I’ve downloaded on my PS Vita is called Hotline Miami. It is a 2D top-down perspective action shooter video game developed by Dennaton Games and it’s a lot of fun to play. The game follows a character as he makes his way through several chapters of killing gang members and their pets in buildings and homes. There are many weapons including shotguns, handguns, knives, bats and swords. You die a LOT! I usually don’t make it through a chapter without dying at least 50 times. And while that may sound like it may take a lot of time to play through a chapter, it really doesn’t because the gameplay is very fast paced. If you make all the right moves and do not die once, you can make it through a chapter in about two minutes. The graphics in the game were purposely created like the game is from the late 80’s. The soundtrack is fun and also reminds me of that time period. Overall the game is a good time. I can see myself going back to this game in a few months to play for a quick fix.

Limbo :Visual Excellence

Limbo Game

I recently saw a great deal on a Vita game called Limbo on PlayStation Network. I had seen screenshots of this intriguing game before but I had never actually played it. After I downloaded it and began playing, I instantly became hooked. The game is beautiful and I never thought I would say that about a game set in monochrome. There really isn’t any music to it but there is sound. The game actually reminds me of dreams I’ve had only in my dreams I subconsciously control my actions. You control a little boy through a two-dimensional side-scrolling world while solving puzzles to continue on to the next area. There are no stories, breaks or cut scenes. If you die, you will just return to the beginning of the puzzle you are currently working on. I’m not quite done with the game yet but I’m about 66% there. I’m curious to see how it will end and if it will go into any meaning behind the game.

E3 2013 Console Announcements

Next Gen Console

This June 11-13, the annual E3 Expo was held and there was some huge news about the three video game consoles.

Microsoft was the first company to present at E3 and the news coming from their conference was not good. The new Xbox One will be have an always-online requirement and will not support used games. It will also be priced at a steep $499. When asked to comment about the always-online feature, a Microsoft executive stated that if you don’t want to always be online, keep playing Xbox 360.

Sony was up next with their conference and they announced that the PlayStation 4 doesn’t need to be connected to the internet and will support used games. It will also be $100 cheaper than Xbox One. One negative thing about the PS4 is that in order to play multiplayer online, you will need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Finally, Nintendo announced many exciting new games for the Wii U including Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros., Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, Donkey kong Country: Tropical Freeze. and New Super Luigi U. For 3DS, Nintendo announced Super Smash Bros., Pokemon X & Y, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Yoshi’s New Island.

PlayStation 4 Press Conference Set for 6/10/13


At 7:43 this evening, I received the above email. If you’re interested in seeing the PS4, you may want to RSVP now to be able to watch PlayStation’s E3 2013 Press Conference. Sony will be realeasing more details about the PS4 including insight on what the console will look like. The event is scheduled for Monday, June 10, 2013 at 6:00PM PDT. The links to RSVP can be found here: and here: