My First iPod, WOW What an Experience

a bunch of iPods

The company I worked for at the time was giving away iPods as a raffle prize and it got me interested in what they were. I had exclusively used CD’s and my discman to listen to music with at the time. I did a little research and tried one out somewhere and ended up buying one at the Circuit City in Laurel, MD for around $350 nearly 10 years ago today. That same Circuit City location is now a restaurant called “Old Line Fine Wine, Spirits & Bistro” that still has the same red Circuit City plug looking entrance.

Anyway, the iPod I purchased was a 20GB 4th generation click wheel model with a black and white screen. I brought it home, hooked it into my computer and loaded it up with songs from my CD’s one by one. It took me days to finally get all my music on it but afterwards I just sat there holding it and skipping through songs and was amazed. It changed the way I listened to music. The thought of having thousands of songs in my hands was mind-boggling. It instantly rendered my CD collection nearly worthless and I say nearly because they would be good backups in case my iPod hard drive crashed which it did.

I think it had lasted me about 3 years before the hard drive crashed and I bought a new one that still works to this day. These days though I only use my iPhone for listening to music. Who needs two seperate devices when you can just have one? The iPod is an iconic piece of technology that will go down in history books. It was the Walkman on the Millennials and changed the way we purchased and listened to music.


The Macintosh 30th Anniversary

Macintosh 128The mouse was clunky, the keyboard was huge and the screen was grey-scale but it was one of the most classic and iconic personal computing. The original Macintosh was released exactly 30 years ago yesterday. It cost $2,495 which would be at least double that with inflation if purchased today. The computer was introduced with the famous 1984 Ridley Scott Super Bowl commercial. In just 4 months after release, 70,000 units were sold. Here are some of the specs:

  • Release Date: January 24, 1984
  • Price: $2,495
  • Processor Speed: 8 MHz
  • Standard RAM: 128k
  • Built-in Display: 9″ Monochrome
  • Native Resolution: 512×342
  • Standard Hard Drive: None
  • 3.5-inch floppy disk

Apple’s iOS7 Updates


About a week ago I downloaded the new iOS7 onto my iPhone 5 and iPad 3 and I am pretty happy with what the update has brought. The download too a bit longer on my phone than it did on my iPad. I began the update about a day after it was released so I can understand that there would have been a lot of traffic on Apple’s download servers. Here are my impressions and favorite new features of the new OS so far.

  • iTunes Radio: I love how iTunes Radio is built right into my music app on my iPhone. No more separate apps (Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, etc.) needed to listen to great music stations. Pleas they have guest DJs that play some great tunes. If you’re interested in purchasing a song you hear, iTunes Radio will connect to the Apple music store seamlessly. Cool stuff.
  • Multi-tasking made easy: Multi-tasking wasn’t too difficult in iOS6 but it’s been made much easier in iOS7. When double clicking on the home button, instead of just seeing an icon of the apps you have open you see the icon and a small screen preview of what that window looks like. Don’t want it open anymore? Swipe it up and it will go away.
  • More Camera Options: iPhone cameras have always been great but now the app to control them is less confusing and offers more options including square images and filter effects similar to Instagram.
  • App Overhaul: Updated colors, cooler graphics and translucent layers all play a role in the new look of iOS7. It almost seems like a completely different phone.

Temple Run 2 Out for iOS

Temple Run 2When I was checking out the app store a couple of days ago, I noticed Temple Run 2 was the number one app in the store. I didn’t even know that this game was being developed but I was very excited to grab it for free and begin playing it. Right away I noticed the resemblance to the first one but I also noticed that this one was actually better than the first. The first thing that you will notice is that the graphics of the terrain are much more improved and realistic. Where as in the first game, the terrain was mostly flat, in the new game there are many more hills and turns. Another neat thing about the sequel are the new elements of gameplay including rope slides and mine cart. There are also more coins and gems to collect in this version. If you were a fan of the first, definitely check out the second.

Apple has a Little More iPad to Show You

Apple iPad mini event

Without much notice, Apple just announced that there will be a special event planned for next Tuesday and they’ve got a little more to show us. Do you remember when Apple introduced the Macbook Air and the tagline for that event was “There’s something in the air”? Well that tagline could be taken literal. When they say “little” with this tagline, of course they mean small, as in a new smaller iPad. There are a lot of tablets, like Google Nexus, that are currently able compete with the larger iPad because they have a smaller size advantage. A 7″ Retina display iPad will throw Apple right in the mix with those competing tablets. I’m looking forward to see what Apple introduces next Tuesday.

Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

Steve Jobs was a brilliant and innovative man that created some amazing products. I never grew up using an Apple computer but my friends had them and they impressed me. The first time I saw the iMac G3, I was in college in 1999. I thought it was the coolest little all-in-one computer. I also remember the first time I used an iPod and it blew my mind to be able to hold thousands of songs in the palm of my hand. I don’t have an iPhone but I have an iPod Touch and I use it for about 2 hours a day. The first time I used an iPad I thought it was amazing. The ability to do almost everything a laptop can do in such a thin, slick tablet is incredible. Steve was able to predict and invent the future of technology five years before it happened. I’m curious to see what will happen to Apple in the future with Steve gone.

Apple’s iPhone 4S, iOS 5 and iPod Refresh

Today Apple announced details about some updated items to their fruity lineup. iOS 5 was announced and includes a variety of new features including voice recognition, greeting cards, iCloud and iTunes Match.

Apple also announced a sleek new iPhone for iOS to go on, the iPhone 4S. The 4S is a slimmer version of the 4 with better features. Its battery life has been improved and the 4S comes in both black and white colors. It includes a new 8MP camera that shoots 1080 HD video. The 4S price is lower than the iPhone 4, starting at just $199 for the 16GB version. The iPod Touch and iPod Nano also have minor updates and lower price points.

All of the new items from Apple will be available on October 12.