New Bejeweled 3 Will Be Available 12/7/2010

Just over 10 years after the original Bejeweled was released, Popcap has announced Bejeweled 3. It will be available later this year on December 7. Some of the new features include collecting up to 65 badges, hi-res graphics, ultra smooth action and new gems. There will be 4 game modes to choose from. Chances are that the gameplay won’t be too different but if you ask me that’s a good thing. How do you fix something that isn’t broken? Bejeweled is one of my favorite game series and I can’t wait to see what Popcap has in store for us.

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Doom Comes To Flash, Still Amazing!

Doom Flash

The original Doom which was released way back in 1994, showed me that computers can be valid machines to play video games on. Someone has created the game using Flash and it’s now playable on NewGrounds. The music isn’t all there but the graphics are just as I remembered in all their low-res goodness. You will need to download Flash Player 10 if you haven’t already done so. Enjoy Flash Doom!

PopCap Releases Bejeweled Twist

PopCap Games released Bejeweled Twist last Monday, a game four years in the making. The twist is that instead of swapping two gems you now rotate four in a clockwise motion in order to get three of the same color in a row and cancel them out. I haven’t had a chance to download and play it yet but the graphics and music look and sound even better than the first. Hopefully we see a OSX and App store version soon.

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Crazy Shuttle For Some Quick Fun

Crazy Shuttle

I was looking online to see if there was a free version of Crazy Taxi somewhere out there and came across Crazy Shuttle. It’s a Crazy Taxi rip-off where you go around picking up pedestrians and running over others as you try to get them to their destinition in the fastest time possible and it’s fun! What makes it different than Crazy taxi is instead of a 3D world to drive around you can only go drive left and right while swerving up and down. Yes, that’s a freshly hit Cody from Final Fight laying on the ground. Anyone know who the girl is?

Play the game @ Newgrounds. N-Blox: A Falling Blocks Game

I’m guilty of playing Tetris on Game Boy for hours straight. In fact I’d play it so much that I’d see falling blocks in my dreams at night. A while ago, an Interactive Designer named Neave created a falling blocks game called N-Blox which plays similar to Tetris and is just as addicting. Be sure to check Neave’s other games and just browse around the awesome, newly redesigned site,

light-Bot Online Flash Game

Light Bot

light-Bot is a fun and addictive web game where the user has to guide the robot to certain boxes to get through the level. Unlike typical games where the user uses a control pad to guide the character, in Light-Bot the user writes a program complete with functions to try to guide the robot along the right path.

Play light-Bot here.