Almost Time For Plans vs Zombies 2

Plants Vs Zombies 2

If you’re a fan of Plants vs Zombies you may enjoy the news that Popcap is releasing a sequel entitled Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time. It’s set to be released on July 18 and will feature three worlds (Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas and Wild West) taking place in different time periods. Each world will include 10 levels and feature new plants and zombies based on the theme of their world. The game is going to be free to play but you may be tempted to purchase some in game content. It will launch as an iOS exclusive but will probably coming to Android shortly after.


Joe Danger: Excitebike on Red Bull

Joe DangerThe other day I downloaded a racing game called Joe Danger on my iPad. In this colorful game, you control a stuntman named Joe Danger as you race through different levels which get more and more difficult as you progress through the game. At three dollars, I expected a little more than what I’d get with the standard 99 cent app downloads and the game does deliver. To control Joe, you tap the screen to jump (and double jump) while swiping will perform speed-enhancing tricks. Holding a finger on the screen will make Joe duck which is good when going through Super Mario Bros. looking green pipes.

As you make your way through the levels jumps and loops you can collect coins and stars. Gather enough and you can unlock new characters like Elvis and a Zombie and a Mario looking mustache man. The graphics are very crisp and the sound and music is fun and energizing. Overall Joe Danger is not a bad pickup for three bucks. Whether you buy it now or wait for it to go on sale, it should provide you with countless minutes of fun.

The Price Is Right Slots on iPad

The Price Is Right Slots on iPad

Recently I downloaded The Price Is Right Slots on my iPad and I must say that it’s the best slots game I’ve played on the device. I’m actually not a huge fan of The Price Is Right TV show but I do enjoy a slots game to play once in a while. The thing that makes this slot game different and better are the great graphics and references to The Price Is Right TV show with authentic stages & sounds. Each slots level resembles a game on the TV show such as Shell Game, Three Strikes, CliffHangers and Race Game. The more slots you play, the higher the chance to win a spot at Contestants’ Row where you get to play for money bonuses. There is also a Showcase Showdown which I haven’t seen yet. There are many slot levels that will be made available soon including my favorite Price Is Right game, Plinko. While all you’re really doing in slot games is constantly tapping the spin button and waiting to see if you won before tapping the button some more, it’s still good entertainment. The price really is right too because this game is free.

Sega Releases Full Port of Crazy Taxi for iPad

Crazy Taxi iPad

I was looking through the iOS app store this morning and I noticed Crazy taxi is available for download. I used to play the Dreamcast version all the time and then downloaded the PS3 version a few months ago. I was curious to see how Crazy Taxi would look on the iPad so I decided to give it a try. Considering that this was a full port, it turns out that the game is just as fun as I remember thanks to beautifully updated Retina graphics. The original soundtrack from the Dreamcast version featuring The Offspring and Bad Religion are also here. Ya ya ya ya ya!!

The controls in the game play surprisingly well considering it’s the iPad. There are only four buttons to tap: left, right, drive and reverse. The buttons are large enough to easily tap but not too large that they get in the way of the gameplay. There are also optional tilt controls which I haven’t tried yet. Crazy Taxi is $4.99 and while that price may seem high for an iPad game, it’s really not bad considering people shell out $60 for new console video games.

Bad Piggies Lets You Build Fun Vehicles

A few days ago I posted about Rovio coming out with a new game where the pigs from Angry Birds would be the star. The game just came out last week and I downloaded it for my iPad and have had a chance to play it. It’s called Bad Piggies. The genre of this type of game has been called a “physics puzzler”. The story goes that the swine are stranded on a desert island and have to build vehicles and contraptions to make their way to the delicious eggs. Your job is to use a limited number of parts to assemble, in a grid like structure, these modes of transportation that will take you to these eggs. Some of the parts that you use to build with include wheels, fans, wood and engines. On your way to the goal there are obstacles like ramps, rocks and jumps for you to take into consideration while building.

I’m excited to progress more into the game because it looks like once you get farther, more advanced parts will become available. Bad Piggies is definitely more difficult than Angry Birds and it will make you think more than it too. If you are expecting a game similar to Angry Birds then you may be disappointed but if you are looking for a contraption builder that will make you think with the some of the same fun gameplay elements that Rovio has brought to you before, this game is for you. The game was so popular at release that it became No. 1 on the iTunes App Store charts in just over three hours.

Wonderputt: Wonderful Putting on Your iPad

Wonderputt app

I didn’t realize it until now but there is a lack of quality mini-golf games on the iPad. With touch sensitive controls, the iPad seems like such a great interface for mini-golf too. I bought this app called Wonderputt and let me tell you, it is quite the unique mini-golf experience. With Wonderputt, this isn’t a typical realistic mini-golf game that you’re playing but more of a surreal fantasy game. The object of the game is to of course get your ball in the whole with the least amount of strokes as possible. But the obstacles you putt through are very interesting. There are bowl shaped-deserts, lush greenery, cityscapes, mechanical levels, water ponds, and more. Some holes lead to new areas. The gameplay graphics are flashy and are done really nicely. Another thing I enjoy doing in the game is reading the statistics that come up after you complete a level which go into detail about your points.

Here is a development diary on the making of Wonderputt.

Rovio’s Bad Piggies Get Revenge on Angry Birds

Bad Piggies game

Not much is know about Rovio’s upcoming game yet but from the sound of it, it looks like it’s going to be an Angry Birds type of game where the pigs from Angry Birds get revenge on the birds. The only teasers we’re getting so far are some screen shots of lots of piggies that look angry and are setting up a slingshot just out of sight of where the birds like to play. They’ve also posted a video with a bunch of pigs falling on an angry bird and the text that follows reads “Something pig is coming” Clever choice of words there Rovio. I hope the game is similar to Angry Birds but unique in its own way that makes it different in a fun and exciting way. The game will be released on Thursday, September 27 for IOS, Android, Mac, Windows Phone, Windows 8 & PC.

More @ Bad Piggies.