Internet Arcade : Save Your Quarters


If you’re like me and have fond memories of popping greasy quarters into video game machines at your local pizzeria, you’ll like this news. now features a large collection of vintage “bronze-age” (1970’s – 1990’s) video games to play for free on their website. You’ll be sure to recognize games from some of your favorite companies including Capcom, Midway and Sega. It’s not quite the same playing these games with a keyboard as your controller but they’re still a lot of fun.


Font With Human Features

Human fontBeing a web developer, I’ve come across many types of fonts over the years but never have I seen one quite like this. French design studio Kerozen has released a font entitled “Human Type” and it’s quite fascinating. Each letter features amazingly accurate human like elements including wrinkles, hair, lashes saggy skin and eyeballs.

I read the article on how the font was made and first the letter models were from with clay. Next, pictures of them were taken and brought into Photoshop. Finally, skin textures were added along with the hair and eyes. I’m not sure what type of article or design that this particular font would be good for but I’m sure that someone will find a use for it. Even though it’s just a jpg image on the right, I keep seeing the eye on that R blink as I type this. It’s creepy. No word yet of if the font will be available in other races besides Caucasian but stay tuned. Read up on the human font and see more letter examples here.

What Type of Tree Are You Sitting Under?


Ahh.. the shade of a tall tree. The sound it makes as the leaves blow in the air on a cool fall afternoon. Is there anything in nature more beautiful than trees? The other day I was curious as to what type of tree I had in my front yard because I was wondering how big it would get. I was hoping it would grow to be a large tree so that it would take up more of our front yard and give us privacy and summer shade. The tree was there when we bought the house so I had no idea what type it was. I wondered if there was any way to figure it out other than to just ask an expert.

I did a Google search for “What type of tree?” and found an awesome website called “What Tree Is That?” located on the Arbor Day Foundation website. It basically asks you a series of questions based on the leaves of the tree and narrows down what tree it is based on your answers. The questions have to do with the trees region, leaf shape, leaf color and other things. Once I was done narrowing down the tree, the website told me that I had a “Flowering Dogwood”. I then Googled that and saw a picture to confirm that that was in fact the tree in my front yard. From there I was able to see that this particular tree can grow up to 30 feet tall.

United States Census Map Created With 341,817,095 Dots

Census dotmap

Usually when I see a map of the United States, I see it with all kinds of labels, colors and lines to represent the different states, cities, roads, parks, etc. Coming across this map was quite an exciting change. The Census Dotmap only consists of 341,817,095 dots – one for each person. That’s a lot of dots, and more than enough to make this U.S. map easily distinguishable with defined borders due to built-up coastlines. After zooming in, if you’re really curious about an area on the map, there is an option to show labels.

This map was created by Brandon Martin-Anderson who wrote a python script to generate the dots based on US Census information from 2010 and 2011. I think that this map is so fascinating that Google should incorporate it into their maps applications which now has options like maps, satellite, traffic and terrain.

View the Census Dotmap.

Friendly URLs for Linking to Google Search Results


When searching for something using Google, you will notice that the URL of the results page is extremely long, unfriendly and filled with all kind of random characters. These long URLs that Google generates are done for tracking purposes but it makes it awkward to link to because people don’t want to have to click on a URL the length of three football fields just to see some simple search results. I have found an easy way to link to Google search results. Simply type the URL:


and replace the text “keywords” with whatever you want the search results to show. This URL will give you the same search results but will be 1/10th of the length.

Kid Icarus Updated Into Playable 16-bits

Super Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus, Nintendo’s most demanded sequel of a game is now available in a new, updated web version that looks like it’s from the Super Nintendo generation. Technically it’s a remake and not a sequel but that doesn’t matter so much because it’s a new new version of Kid Icarus! It might even be enough to hold us over until March 23, when Kid Icarus Uprising comes out for the 3DS. Then again maybe not. Much like Super Mario Bros, the original Kid Icarus just doesn’t age. When you play it you think oh I’m playing Kid Icarus, not what is this dated garbage? I can’t stand it.

More @ Super Kid Icarus.

Five New Video Game Fan Pages

Over the past month or so I’ve been busy creating five new video game website or what I call “fan pages”. The are all for games that I grew up on and enjoyed as a child and still get around to playing once in a while. I went into as much detail as possible on these websites by using personal knowledge and gathering information I found on the web about these games. I also spent some time in designing the layouts of these sites to try to make them have elements that resemble the original games yet still make them pop. Here they are:

  • Arkanoid Fanpage!
    Breakout style video game made by Taito for the Arcade and home consoles. This site is dedicated to the game I used to play in the arcades and for the NES with my special ‘VAUS’ knob controller.
  • Excitebike Fanpage!
    Motocross racing video game made by Nintendo for the NES. This game is one of the first NES games released and is a classic. The site features full shots of the track layouts in design mode.
  • Everything Zelda 64
    Action-RPG video game made by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64. This website is based off one of my firest websites I ever created back in 1998. The website used to be hosted on Geocities which no longer exists. Luckly I had all the info saved and was able to port it into the new site.
  • Galaga Fanpage!
    Fixed shooter arcade video game machine created by Namco. This site is mostly based on the arcade version of Galaga found in arcades throughout the country in the 80’s and 90’s.
  • Super Mario Kart Fanpage!
    Racing video game created by Nintendo for the SNES. A website dedicated to the firest and one of the greates cart racing games of all time.