Microsoft Reveals Windows 10… The Confusion Continues

Windows 10

Yesterday Microsoft announced that it was working on a new operating system. In an odd practice, they decided to completely skip using 9 in its name and went directly to calling it Windows 10. Maybe they did this to show how confusing the Windows operating systems have been to consumers over the past decade.

Windows XP was great but then they decided it was just too old and came out with Windows Vista that no one wanted to use. Note to Microsoft: when you release a new operating system, it’s supposed to be better than the previous one. Next came Windows 7 which was actually decent but Microsoft decided it wasn’t going in the right direction with 7 so they decided to completely change things and quickly release 8. Ahh, Windows 8, the most confusing Operating System ever created. I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was to come up with two interfaces for Windows 8 but it is just not needed to have a “Metro” style and “classic” style and then have to constantly switch between the two.

Microsoft, have you noticed yet why OSX, iOS and Android operating systems are so successful? It’s because they don’t completely change the design every three years. They simply add and adjust features that customers want while keeping a similar look and feel. If your vision is to continue to have the public confused with your countless different versions of Windows, you’re doing it right.

And what’s up with IE? You still haven’t given up on that P.O.S. browser?


Taking a Look Inside Windows 8

Balmer Windows 8

Having bought a refurbished Thinkpad x120e just a couple of months ago, I became eligible for this great deal from Microsoft on their new operating system, Windows 8. The update only costs $14.99 for people who bought a computer with Windows 7 within a certain time frame. After the purchase, the install went smoothly. It took roughly two hours and told me all the steps as they happened.

I had seen previews of Windows 8 before I bought it and I wasn’t very impressed. To me it looked like an OS geared towards tablet and convertible PCs. However, my mind changed instantly once I purchased, downloaded and installed it. From the first time I tried the start screen, I instantly fell in love with it. I went to the app store and hooked up my start menu with a few apps I enjoy using including I Heart Radio, Netflix and USA Today. There are also an impressive lineup of games including a free Microsoft Solitaire suite and a solid lineup of XBOX games.

If the new ‘Metro’ start screen isn’t your thing, Windows 8 has a side to it that will remind you of the way Windows has looked from 1995 to 2012, minus the start menu. To get to that mode, simple click on the ‘desktop’ app or drag your mouse to the corner of the screen until you see the desktop icon pop up. Once there, you can access all the classic programs that don’t have an app. I see this as a way to easily transition Windows users to the new Start layout. I do however see Microsoft perhaps dropping support for the classic mode in a future version of Windows and making it strictly an app run operating system.

The reason I enjoy the new layout of the start menu so much is because of its user friendliness and ease of use. It’s just more fun to click on an app specifically designed for the program you’re opening rather than opening a program designed by Windows. Another thing I like is that the phone, tablet and computer version of Windows 8 looks similar. I am using Windows 8 on a non-touch laptop but I could imagine the experience being even better a tablet. Now I’m not going to go run out and start buying all Windows 8 gadgets anytime soon but I’m very curious to see how well Microsoft’s latest OS stacks up to Apple’s OSX/iOS and Google’s Android.

While trying to find a relevant video for his post, I came across the below video of the Window 8 release party in New York from Microsoft’s YouTube channel.

Lockitron Offers Many Features to Your Front Door


When you think about things that can make your life easier in the future, front door lock management doesn’t usually come to mind. But I stumbled upon this really interesting product that just makes a lot of sense. And while I don’t see something like this taking off in the next few years, I could imagine a future where every home has something similar to this.

This product will do a number of things that may make your life easier. For one, you will be able to grant others access to your home from anywhere in the world through an app on your smartphone. It will also alert you whenever your front door gets locked or unlocked. Keyless entry? It’s not just on cars anymore. When you get close to the door, it will automatically unlock instantly making it easier to come home when you have a handful of groceries. Installation is easier than installing a new lock because this device fits over your current lock. It connects to the internet via wifi and has built in Bluetooth. If the 4 AA batteries run out of juice or your house power goes out, you can always use your old key the same as always. They come in black, white and chrome colors and when the second batch of these ships in May, 2013 they will go for $149/each.

More @ Lockitron.

Neo Geo Portable Device “X” Coming To U.S.

The Neo Geo Pocket Color was a great device but unfortunetly it had a lot of competition from Nintendo’s Game Boy which meant it would only last for about 2 years before it was discontinued. SNK Playmore isn’t done trying to produce sucessful consoles just yet though with an announcement of a new Neo Geo portable device called Neo Geo X. The console is being produced by a company called Blaze under SNK’s license. The X will be released in Q2 2012 following the 20th anniversary of the NEOGEO AES console. The X also includes an SD card slot, possibly for other games. The 20 games included are:

  13. NAM 1975

Girl Sneaks Into A Russian Military Rocket Factory

I’m sure that sneaking through pipes and tunnels as you work your way into a Russian military rocket factory to take pictures may be easy for some but it’s not for me. if you have the guts to do it then more power to you. A girl named Lana did just this right outside of Moscow. I think I’ve played this video game before (Metal Gear Solid). And when the pictures turn out as beautiful as they did then even more power to you. The photographs turned out to look like something out of a sci-fi movie. In fact I think I’ve seen the photo above in a movie (2001: A Space Oddysey).

Lana’s pictures can be seen here.

Moshi Moshi Retro Handset for iPhone and Android

Moshi Moshi

Back in the day you’d see these iconic telephone booth phones everywhere. They have a good weight to them and a handle that makes them very easy to grip. In a day in age where small is sexier, you’d think that these old telephones were a thing of the past but they’re actually still around. Not only are they comfortable to hold but they reduce up to 99% of the radiation absorbed compared to a direct use of your mobile phone. The phone handset currently comes in over 10 different colors and is available on

More @ Amazon.

The New Droid Razr

Droid Razr

A few years back Motorola invented a phone that showed us that long-distance communication can be sexy. The Razr was a very cool clamshell phone that functioned flawlessly and looked lavishly and sold more than 130 million units since late 2004. Motorola is hoping to follow up the original phone with a new updated Android phone called Droid Razr. It will be the thinnest 4G LTE smartphone made available when it’s released later this year. Some of the elements that make up the phone include fiber, Gorilla Glass and a force field of water-repellent nanoparticles that protects the phone against water attacks inside and out. It will be available on Verizon in early November for $299.99, with a 2-year contract.