Clap Mini USB Cameras

You already have a USB thumb drive and you already have a digital camera that fits in your pocket so why not have a device that does both? These little Clap Mini USB Cameras will shoot both pictures and video in a way that would make James Bond cry. Insert a MicroSD card for extra storage and use it as a regular USB storage drive as well. They come with 16GB of memory and are available in red, blue and black. Available now for $64.

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Lamp Chair Is A Space Saver

Chair Lamp

When you think about it, the majority of the time a lamp is located above or next to a chair or couch. Why? Because chances are that you will need light when you are sitting down no matter what you’re doing. This is a great idea for that reason among another which is that this is a big space saver. In a world where we have separate things for just about everything that we do, it’s nice to see something like this. Take for example cooking a meal. To prepare for the meal you will need to get out the ingredients for the meal, the measuring cups, serving spoons, cutting board, knives, etc. You’ve used ten items before you have even started cooking.

Now I understand that it’s not very practical to have one gadget that does everything (unless it’s an iPhone). There’s a reason that people go to rock concerts with multiple rockers and not just one guy standing in the middle of the stage being a one-man band. But I’m all about smart designs like this and will continue to feature them on this blog because of my love for them

Coffee Car Runs On Starbucks

Coffee Car

There’s something special about driving to work in the morning and sipping on your cup of joe while knowing that the vehicle you’re riding in is getting it’s energy from that same magical ground up bean. Okay I’ll probably never own a coffee car but there is a real one in England that will be driven 210 miles between Manchester and London powered only by roasted coffee granules. In total, the trip will use the equivalent of 11,760 espressos, and the team will have to take ‘coffee breaks’ roughly every 30 to 45 miles to pour in more granules. Don’t get too excited though. Running a car on coffee costs between 25 and 50 times the cost of running a car on regular gasoline.

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Safe Iron That Won’t Lay Flat


This iron is special because it won’t lay flat on the table due to the weight of the handle which forces it to stay upright. This makes this one of the safest irons I’ve ever seen. In addition to not starting house fires it also helps you prevent leaving an iron on clothes for too long and singing them.

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Charge Your Cell Phone By Rocking

Empower Rocking Chair

I know that it can be difficult to find an outlet when you’re at an airport or bus station and desperately need to charge your cell phone or laptop. This concept is a chair that the user sits in a and rocks back and forth with their power plugged in to the built in power chord in the chair. Instead of taking electricity from the building, that chair actually transfers the energy you’re creating by rocking into the gadget you’re charging. Hey rocking is fun anyway so why not kill two birds with one stone.

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World’s Oldest Swiss Army Knife

Worlds oldest Swiss Army Knife

The above image is an 1,800 year old Roman gadget with 6 different purposes. It is made of silver with an iron blade and includes a spoon, fork, spike, spatula, toothpick, and of course, blade. The item was probably made between AD 200 and AD 300, when the Roman empire was a great imperial power. The item was found more than 20 years ago and was obtained by the Fitzwilliam Museum, in Cambridge England in 1991.

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Tip to Adjust: Daylight Savings Time Clock

Tip to Adjust: Daylight Savings Time Clock

No one enjoys going around their home and setting all the clocks twice a year but we must do it to keep our schedules. A new clock designed by NAVA makes setting daylight savings time a lot easier by simply tipping the clock to set it exactly one hour forward or on hour back back. I’m sure a hanging version of the clock is in the works.

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