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A group of street artists created a new graffiti in the framework of the project “Art Facade” with the support of Moscow Government and relevant departments. More.



Excitebike’s Design Mode

One of the neatest things about Excitebike on NES was its design mode that allows you to create your own track layout by choosing from different obstacles and placing them on the track. It is truly amazing that this was included in the game considering when this game was released. To get to design mode, select ‘design’ from the title screen and then choose ‘design’ again to begin designing your course. Pick your pieces of the track to place using the ‘A’ button. To erase a piece, select ‘CL’ (clear). You can choose the number of laps your course will have (1-9) once you are done with the design.

Below are all the obstacles from A-S that you can choose from.


Piece A is a small regular jump.


Piece B is a medium regular jump.


Piece C is a large regular jump.


Piece D is a narrow jump.


Piece E is a steep jump.


Piece F is a take-off jump.


Piece G is a landing jump.


Piece H is a speed jump.


Piece I is a upper speed bump.


Piece J is a lower speed bump.


Piece K is an odd dirt trap.


Piece L is an even dirt trap.


Piece M is an upper speed arrow.


Piece N is a lower speed arrow.


Piece O is a lower grass patch.


Piece P is an upper grass patch.


Piece Q is a full grass patch.


Piece R is a huge jump.


Piece S is a L jump.

Nintendo Announces Special NES 3DS


In addition to Persona Q and Super Smash Brothers 3dS handhelds, Nintendo has announced this Gamestop exclusive 3DS that resembles a NES controller. The inside of the 3DS will feature a similar plain gray to that of the NES and the box that it comes in will resemble the NES console. It will become available on October 10, 2014 at Gamestop stores across the country.

Zelda Maker For Wii U

Zelda Maker

So Nintendo recently announced Mario Maker to come out later this year but what all the fans were thinking when they saw this was if Nintendo was willing to make a game where you can create your own Mario levels, what else do they have in mind? Instantly what comes to my mind would be what if Nintendo allowed us to create our own Zelda game complete with an overworld and underworld dungeons? Please see my mockup about of what such a game could look like.

Artwork for A New Captain Toad Game

Captain Toad

So if you played through Super Mario 3D World, you will remember that there were some Captain Toad mini games that gave you a little break from all the intense 3D action. In the games you controlled Captain Toad as he tried to find his way through a puzzle to get to the treasures in a 3D obstacle course world. At the E3 event yesterday, Nintendo announced  that Captain Toad will be featured in his very own full game. I always thought of Toad as a helpful little nerdy character but sure, why not give the little guy his own game? Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is coming this holiday season (2014).

Mario Maker Makes Mario Masterpieces for Wii U

Mario Maker

This E3, Nintendo released a lot of news about upcoming games but the one that stood out to me besides Yoshi’s Woolly World was Mario Maker for Wii U. In Mario Maker, the player is able to create and play through their own Super Mario Bros. levels based on the original Mario Bros. for NES graphics and gameplay. Mario JumpingThere’s also an option to switch to a style of artwork to resemble NSMB. I think that this game will work really well on the Wii U because of the tablet design of the controller. Design could happen on the tablet while live testing and level play could happen on the TV.

I first played Little Big Planet on PS3, I was really excited that I was able to download other player’s level creations. I’m hoping that players of the Mario Maker game get excited about their levels and are able to upload their creations and let other fans download and play through their levels. There’s no news about price or release date yet for this title. I’m hoping it’s a download only title for around $15 – $20. Although I’m excited about the game, I don’t think that’d pay much more than that for it.

Mario Kart 8: My Impressions

Mario Kart 8

I recently purchased Mario kart 8 for Wii U and I was pretty blown away by the game. The graphics look amazing in HD and the controls work really well with the tablet controller. One of the neat things about the game are the replays. After a race, you have an option to replay the course highlights while you control the action including the option to view the replay in slow motion. Viewing the race in slow motion really shows you how good the graphics are because you can see details that you couldn’t see while playing the game live.

The course designs are done really well. Similar to the other Mario Kart games, there are 16 new courses and 16 courses older courses redone from other Mario Kart games. There are a good number of characters to choose from including some all new characters that were never playable in the series before. These include Koopa Kids and baby characters. The music is decent but nothing special. I did enjoy the jazzy coffee house music that was playing after you get first place in all 8 cups of an engine class in Grand Prix mode.

Take a look at my favorite courses from the game:

Luigi Death Stare

  • Sunshine Airport: Take a ride through the airport from Super Mario Sunshine. The course features the inside of the airport where you buy your tickets, the waiting area and then you go outside on the runway and travel through an airplane briefly. Next you take off into the sky and hover over a track while airplanes pass by you. There is a lot of details that you can miss but may catch if you watch the replay.
  • Mount Wario: This is one of the ‘cooler’ levels because you start on top of the mountain and work your way down it until you reach the bottom and the course is over. There are no laps. It takes place on a large mountain and features ski slopes, a dam that you travel through and trails to navigate around.
  • Donut Plains 3: So do you remember how Mario Kart had the Donut Plains 1 and Donut Plains 2 courses and then nothing new for Donut Plains in over 20 years? Well Mario Kart 8 features an all new Donut Plains level, Donut Plains 3. The course features a very similar layout to the Donut Plains courses of the past with lots of trees and a simple track layout with no hills.
  • Yoshi Valley: This was one of my favorite courses for Mario Kart 64 because of all of the different options of ways to get around the courses. There are a ton of paths that get separated by mountain cliffs and at the end of the course is a giant egg that can sometimes be difficult to get around.

More @ the official Mario Kart 8 website.