Glyde: A New Way To Sell Games And More

Glyde Beta

Glyde is a new, easier way to sell video games, cds, books and DVDs. Instead of using your own keywords while searching for media like on ebay, as you search with Glyde you will see a window below the search bar with all the things you can possibly be looking for. Instead of starting your bidding at a certain amount when selling your media, Glyde automatically lists how much it will cost buyers based on the curent demand for the media which is based on things like days since release, rarity and popularity.

Shipping the media with Glyde is easy. Glyde will send you a pre-paid envelope for you to put your game in and ship to the seller. When the transaction is complete Glyde will take 10% of the final value of the game. Using Glyde could save you a lot of money in the long run vs going to trade-in stores like Gamestop.

More @ Glyde.


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