Hotline Miami – A Game of the 80’s, Today

Hotline Miami

The most recent game that I’ve downloaded on my PS Vita is called Hotline Miami. It is a 2D top-down perspective action shooter video game developed by Dennaton Games and it’s a lot of fun to play. The game follows a character as he makes his way through several chapters of killing gang members and their pets in buildings and homes. There are many weapons including shotguns, handguns, knives, bats and swords. You die a LOT! I usually don’t make it through a chapter without dying at least 50 times. And while that may sound like it may take a lot of time to play through a chapter, it really doesn’t because the gameplay is very fast paced. If you make all the right moves and do not die once, you can make it through a chapter in about two minutes. The graphics in the game were purposely created like the game is from the late 80’s. The soundtrack is fun and also reminds me of that time period. Overall the game is a good time. I can see myself going back to this game in a few months to play for a quick fix.