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A group of street artists created a new graffiti in the framework of the project “Art Facade” with the support of Moscow Government and relevant departments. More.



Excitebike’s Design Mode

One of the neatest things about Excitebike on NES was its design mode that allows you to create your own track layout by choosing from different obstacles and placing them on the track. It is truly amazing that this was included in the game considering when this game was released. To get to design mode, select ‘design’ from the title screen and then choose ‘design’ again to begin designing your course. Pick your pieces of the track to place using the ‘A’ button. To erase a piece, select ‘CL’ (clear). You can choose the number of laps your course will have (1-9) once you are done with the design.

Below are all the obstacles from A-S that you can choose from.


Piece A is a small regular jump.


Piece B is a medium regular jump.


Piece C is a large regular jump.


Piece D is a narrow jump.


Piece E is a steep jump.


Piece F is a take-off jump.


Piece G is a landing jump.


Piece H is a speed jump.


Piece I is a upper speed bump.


Piece J is a lower speed bump.


Piece K is an odd dirt trap.


Piece L is an even dirt trap.


Piece M is an upper speed arrow.


Piece N is a lower speed arrow.


Piece O is a lower grass patch.


Piece P is an upper grass patch.


Piece Q is a full grass patch.


Piece R is a huge jump.


Piece S is a L jump.

More F-Zero



F-Zero was developed and published by Nintendo and released in North America on August 13, 1991. With its original scenario and style of gameplay, F-Zero was the first of its kind and also features what was considered to be a groundbreaking technological achievement at that time, spawning a sub-genre. Graphically the game was strong in thanks to ‘Mode 7’ which allowed tracks to be scaled and rotated around the vehicle to simulate a 3D environment.


The story of F-Zero is as follows: Near the end of the 20th century mankind was gripped by the fear of being invaded by extraterrestrials. However, by the year 2560 humanity’s countless encounters with these alien life forms throughout the Universe expanded Earth’s social framework to astronomic proportions. Trade, technology and cultural interchange are carried out between planets.

fzero-2The multibillionaires who earned their enormous wealth through this intergalactic trade were satisfied with their rich lifestyles. However, they also yearned for new entertainment to stimulate their lazy lives, so a new entertainment based on the old F-1 races was founded. People came to call these Grand Prix races simply, “F-ZERO”.


In the game, there are two modes of play; Grand Prix and practice mode. In grand Prix mode, the player chooses a league and races against 20 other vehicles. Practice mode lets the player manually choose which course they want to practice on.

Characters race on plasma-powered hover cars while racing at speeds of up to 400km/h. A race consists of five laps around a course. In the course there are various obstacles including land mines, magnets and slips areas that the player must avoid in order to maintain power. If the player finishes any lap in last place then he is automatically disqualified. Every time a lap is completed, the vehicle is rewarded with approximately 4 seconds of speed boost time. The speed boost gives the player an advantage by speeding them up for short periods of time.


F-Zero introduced the characters; Captain Falcon, Dr. Stewart, Pico, and Samurai Goroh. Each character has their owne vehicle each with unique performance abilities. Each machine has an energy meter, which measures the machine’s health. If the energy meter gets low enough, a warning sound will play. If the energy gets to empty, the players hover car explodes and a life is lost




Max Power

Max Speed





Max Power

Max Speed


Blue Falcon


BF-2001 x4




Wild Goose


ES-8302 x3




Golden Fox


GF-2614 x4




Fire Stingray


RS-5025 x2





There are fifteen tracks divided into three leagues. At first the game has difficulty levels; beginner, standard, and expert but Completion of the expert class in any league unlocks the master difficulty level.

Knight League(Easy)

Mute City I

Big Blue

Sand Ocean

Death Wind I


Queen League(Moderate)

Mute City II

Port Town II

Red Canyon II

White Land I

White Land II

King League(Hard)

Mute City III

Death Wind II

Port Town II

Red Canyon II

Fire Field


L Button … shift weight to the left

R Button … shift weight to right

Control Pad Left … steer left

Control Pad Right … steer right

Control Pad Up … point nose up

Control Pad Down … point nose down

Select Button … move cursor

Start Button … pause; unpause

fzero-6X Button … brake

Y Button … brake

B Button … throttle

A Buton … super jet

More Duck Hunt

duck-hunt-dog-laugh About Duck hunt:

duckhunt-1A few years after Nintendo released the Laser Clay Shotting System, Nintendo Research & Development decided to develop a similar technology with the Light Gun as an accessory to go along with the newly created NES system.

Duck Hunt was the perfect game to go along with the Light Gun. It was supervised by Takehiro Izushi, and was produced by Gunpei Yokoi and released in 1984 in Japan and 1985 in the U.S. The original music was composed by Koji Kondo and Hirokazu Tanaka, both of whom did music for several other Nintendo games at the time. In addition to being released on the NES, Duck Hunt was also released as an arcade game in 1984, as Vs. Duck Hunt, and is included in thePlayChoice-10 arcade console.

To play Duck Hunt, the player uses the NES Zapper, the video game accessory that is a plastic gun which you can point at the screen and fire with the trigger button. The target of the shots in Duck Hunt depends on which mode the player is playing. They’re either ducks or clay pigeons. Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. came together on a cartridge when someone would purchase the NES Action Set. A Power Set was also released later which also included World Class Track Meet and The Power Pad. The Duck Hunt game and Zapper were also sold separately.

duck-hunt-dog-laugh Story:

duck-hunt-2This fast action target game takes you into the marshes with your trusted hunting dog at your side. He’ll flush out your prey, then it’s split second timing and sharp shooting accuracy to bag these ducks. Take on one duck or two at a time, and then as a true test of marksmanship, try clay shooting – the ultimate challenge!

duck-hunt-dog-laugh Controls:

NES Controller (Plugs into slot 1)


Up: Controls ducks in Game A

Down: Controls ducks in Game A

Left: Controls ducks in Game A

Right: Controls ducks in Game A

A button: Nothing

B button: Nothing

Start: Pause game, Makes selections at menu menu

Select: Moves cursor on main menu

Zapper Gun (Plugs into slot 2)

Trigger: Shoots at the targets

duck-hunt-dog-laugh How To Play:

duckhunt-playfieldA) Playfield area: You can shoot anywhere on the screen but want to aim the zapper at the ducks or clay and fire away.

B) Tells you what round you are curently in.

C) Ammunition: You have three shots per round. Once you run out, the duck(s) will fly away.

D) Hit meter: This meter tells you how many ducks you have shot and how many you still need to advance to the next round.

C) Score: This is your current score in the game.

duck-hunt-dog-laugh Scoring:

Duck Rounds
1 – 5
6 – 10
11 – 15
16 – 20
21 – 99
Black (A/B) 500 800 1000 1000 1000
Blue (A/B) 1000 1500 2000 2000 2000
Red (A/B) 1500 2400 3000 3000 3000
Discs (C) 1000 1500 2000 2000 2000
Bonus (A/B/C) 10000 10000 15000 20000 30000


duck-hunt-dog-laugh How The Zapper Works:

“The Zapper works by receiving the light from the screen. The contrast and
brightness controls of the TV must be adjusted properly or the shots may
not register. (The characters should be as bright as possible while the
background areas should be as dark as possible.)”

duck-hunt-dog-laugh Game Modes:

duck-hunt-dog-laugh One Duck:

In each round, there are 10 ducks for the player to shoot down. Only one duck appears on screen at a time, and the player has three shots to hit it.

duck-hunt-dog-laugh Two Ducks:

Identical to “One Duck” except that the ducks appear on screen in pairs. A new pair of ducks will not appear until both of the previous pair have either escaped or been shot down.

duck-hunt-dog-laugh Clay Shooting:

In each round, there are 10 clay pigeons for the player to shoot down. Clay pigeons are fired off two at a time from a first person perspective and are aimed into the distance. In Vs. Duck Hunt, Clay Shooting mode appears as the second round with the first round being the two duck variation (the arcade version never had one duck).


duckhunt-12 duckhunt-4

duckhunt-5 duckhunt-3

duckhunt-6 duckhunt-7

duckhunt-8 duckhunt-13 duckhunt-10 duckhunt-11

Nintendo Announces Special NES 3DS


In addition to Persona Q and Super Smash Brothers 3dS handhelds, Nintendo has announced this Gamestop exclusive 3DS that resembles a NES controller. The inside of the 3DS will feature a similar plain gray to that of the NES and the box that it comes in will resemble the NES console. It will become available on October 10, 2014 at Gamestop stores across the country.