Combine Your Lego Sets To Build New Ones


Do you have a big bin of Legos from various sets that you’ve collected over the years? Now you can take that mess of random parts and turn them into other Lego sets. The website rebrickable will let you type in the Lego sets that you have and tell you what sets all those parts can turn into. It will also tell you which parts you will need to complete the sets. I tested the site with two castle sets that I have and the results were mostly other castle sets, which makes sense because of the parts. This may not be useful to all lego fans but it could be very useful for some.


Lego Sequencer Bleeps and Bloops

Mr Yoshi Akai built a pretty awesome Lego sequencer which to get working in itself is an amazing feat but it goes even deeper. The different coloured Lego pieces each have their own sound and the higher the Legos stack, the more complex the sound. There are many more music related instuments on his website. Now Mr. Akai just needs to provide us with some step-by-step instructions on how we can create our own Lego sequencer at home.

More @ Yoshi AKAI.

Lego Rock Band Due Out Later This Year

Lego Rock Band

As a fan of both Lego and Rock Band, this is exciting news. Lego and Rock Band are working together to come out with a video game this holiday season on PS3, 360, Wii and DS. Lego Rock Band will use all the existing Rock Band and Guitar Hero peripherals although a premium guitar you could build out of Legos wouldn’t be a bad idea and would probably sell well. Lego Rock Band will be more family focused and will include songs like:

  • Blur: “Song 2”
  • Carl Douglas: “Kung Fu Fighting”
  • Europe: “The Final Countdown”
  • Good Charlotte: “Boys and Girls”
  • Pink: “So What”

More @ Joystiq.

The Gizmodo Lego Minifig Catalogue

Lego minifigs

Gizmodo The Gadget Guide (I guess Lego could be considered gadgets) has worked with Lego to collect and catalog almost every Lego minifig ever produced into a photographic timeline. Being a big Lego fan I think it’s neat to see how the Lego minifigs have evolved over time. And although I’m only a fan of the castle series, I really like the diversity of all the minifigs shown in the timeline.

The Lego Minifig Timeline