Working Lego Keyboard


I’ve been posting a lot about Lego lately, so I might as well continue that trend and talk a little bit about what makes this Lego keyboard so cool. The thing I like most about it is that most of the components that make the keyboard work are made from real Lego pieces. Check out how creative the designer got with the printed Lego bricks that represent the tops of the keys. More details on the keyboard can be found here including pictures of a nine year old prototype of the project.


Slide-It Keyboard Makes It Easier To Type

Slide-it keyboard

As part of the 10-cent app downloads that Android had last week in celebration of their 10 billion total app downloads, Slide-It keyboard was something that I decided to download and try. I can say that it certainly changed the way I type on my phone keyboard. Slide-it keyboard lets you actually swipe your finger across the keys with short stops at the letters you want to type with before you move on to the next letter of the word. I’ve found that overall it does speed up the way I type on my phone but there are certain words that the keyboard thinks is something else. When that happens I just type by taping the letters for that word and then continuing to swipe for the next. My version of Slide-it also came with three skins that change to color of the keyboard if you’re into that.

It looks like the price is now $5.99 but there’s also a free version available @ Android Market.

Optimus Maximus Keyboard let’s you customize your keys for $1,564

optimus Maximus keyboard

The new Optimus Maximus Keyboard is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a keyboard. Instead of keys with letters printed on them, each key on this keyboard features tiny 48×48 pixel OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays. The keys can be customized, rearranged and colored however you please.

May not seem like a great idea right off but this could be quite useful. You can change the keys to read better for FPS games like Quake 3. You can customize keys to have letters in different languages and even have keys be shortcuts to your favorite programs. The keys can also be updated depending on the application. For example, in the picture you’ll notice the GMail key actually shows you that you have 9 messages waiting for you!

The current price is $1,564 (Shakespeare’s birthyear) as this is very new and expensive technology.