The Addictive Mr. Crab on Your iPhone

Today I’m taking a look at an app I downloaded called Mr. Crab (not to be confused with the SpongeBob character) for my iPhone. The game can be had at the standard 99 cent price tag (How are these games continuously so cheap?) and is a casual gamers dream. In the game, you control Mr. Crab, a fast little crab that crawls sideways in a circular motion around a giant sand castle. The goal is to make it to the top of the castle but that is no easy task young grasshopper. On the way to the top you will encounter obstacles, enemies, walls and coins that give you points. You can also try to collect all of the baby crabs that the level has to offer on the way to the top.

Bumping into an enemy will bump you down a couple of levels, prolonging your trip up the maze. The game controls are simple – you tap the screen to have Mr. Crab jump. Mr. Crab is capable of doing a double jump when he touches a wall in mid-air. The game has some beautifully colorful graphics that look great on high-resolution devices. The sound is okay. Mr. Crab works in both portrait and landscape modes but I prefer portrait. I’ve only made it about 1/3 of the way through the game so far but I’m having a lot of fun with it.


Temple Run: Oz Follows the Yellow Brick Road

Temple Run OzLately, when a new children’s movie comes out, along with it comes a movie game based off of an already popular game. Some past examples include Hop (Doodle Jump), Brave (Temple Run) and Rio (Angry Birds). This however is the first time I can think of that a movie has used a game that has already been used for a movie. This version of Temple Run is based off the new Disney movie Oz: The Great and Powerful coming out to theaters soon which is a prequel to The Wizard of Oz which came out some 70+ years ago.

Temple Run Oz plays just like the other Temple Run games but with a few differences. One of the neatest things about this game is the new hot air balloon feature. Control the balloon through the sky by tilting your hone or tablet and collect coins but avoid the dangerous crystals. Another cool thing is that you can switch between locations as you progress through your game. After you get so far, there will be a sign for the dark forest at which point you will turn and see a status bar. Eventually you will go through a cloud tunnel and then be transformed into the new world. You will go back to the first world again after a few more minutes of play. The trick is to pay attention to the post signs as they offer you hints on which way to go to get the bonus features.

Oreo’s Appetizing Twist, Lick, & Dunk App

Twist Lick & Dunk App

When I found out that one of my favorite game developers came out with a new game, I immediately went to the app store and downloaded it. Pik Pok’s latest app is a cross between Fruit Ninja and their own Slam Dunk King. It is an Oreo promotional game called Twist, Lick, Dunk. The game takes place in a kitchen setting and you have 60 seconds to twist, lick and dunk as many Oreo cookies that come flying on your screen as you can. The first swipe over the cookies will twist them apart, the second swipe will lick them, and then you must dunk them into the glass of milk on the table before the next cookies will appear. The more cookies that you do this with in a single swipe, this higher your score will be after your 60 seconds of gameplay are up. You will then see how many gold coins you won. Gold coins can be exchanged for unlocking up to 20 different types of Oreo cookies that Nabisco released throughout Oreo’s 100-year history. The more unique unlocked cookies will yield higher bonuses, thus giving you a higher overall score.

The game is very solid with beautiful hi-res graphics. I think that it would be more realistic if the cookies flew onto your screen for a reason. Perhaps a person can be flinging them up into the air rather than them just flying onto your screen from oblivion. The game is free but you will see some ads pop up every couple of games.

May The Angry Birds Be With You

Star Wars Angry Birds

Angry Birds is at it again. They’ve already traveled through space in the last iteration of the series and it looks like they made it to a galaxy far far away. Instead of making the birds the typical birds we see in most game in the series, they have been upgraded to Star Wars style characters equipped with lightsabers, Blasters and Jedi powers. Even though I haven’t made it very far in the game yet, apparently you can unlock R2-D2 and C-3PO bonus levels. Angry Birds is available for $.99 on the iPhone and the iPad version can be had for $2.99.


Doodle Jump Ninja Sneaks onto Your iOS Device

Doodle Jump is certainly one of the most entertaining games on iOS devices due to its simple nature and addictive gameplay. The controls in the game are very simple since all you have to do is tilt your iPhone or iPad left and right and aim towards the next platform. Lima Sky, the developer of Doodle Jump, has been over the past months releasing new levels for the game.

Their latest release however is their best. They offer a new ninja level that puts the doodler in a Japanese-esque landscape with a red setting sun sky and in a full ninja outfit. In the background there are mountains and tree fortresses. A new addition to this level are these donuts looking items that you collect and can spend on bonuses such as fire upgrades, head starts and double jumps. I like the idea of collecting items in Doodle Jump and hope that this is a feature that they bring back in the next level released. If you don’t already have it, Doodle Jump is an incredible value at just 99 cents and every iOS device should have it, even if you are just a casual gamer.

Jaws Revenge Will Bite Through Your Tablet

Jaws Revenge

I’m a big fan of games where you play the bad guy. Lately I’ve been playing this game called Jaws Revenge on my iPad and iPod. The gameplay is simple. You are a shark that needs to bite your way through as many things possible to score big points. You progress your way through the levels of the game by successfully completing objectives such as killing ten swimmers. The way the controls work are also pretty simple. Jaws will always have the tendency to swim right under the surface of the water and when you tap and hold the screen, he swims lower. If you swim low and release the tap, Jaws will jump out of the water so that you can attack the things in the sky like seagulls, airplanes and para-sailors. The graphics in the game look realistic and impressive. For only 99 cents and 20mb of storage usage, this app is entertaining and worth picking up.

Get Your Power Play on With Ice Rage for iPhone

Ice Rage iPod Touch

Today I checked out Ice Rage, a 99 cent game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In Ice Rage, you control one player against the computer or human component in some 1-on-1 ice hockey action. The game definitely has more of an quick-action, arcade feel than a realistic simulation 5-on-5 hockey game and that’s why I like it. You can currently choose from only two characters to play with, a human and a bear. For 99 cents more, you can also purchase a character that resembles Santa Clause. There are three modes of play, single player quick match, single player tournament and multiplayer. In quick match, you play against the computer in a 1:45 match. In tournament mode, you play against a number of players in 0:45 second matches that get tougher the more opponents you play against. In multiplayer, you play against the computer. The graphics are very crisp and gorgeous. The controls in the game are very accurate considering you’re using the touchscreen as a joystick and shoot button. Overall, Ice Rage is a game well worth 99 cents if you enjoy arcade style games and Ice Hockey.