Five Nights at Freddy’s – Malfunctioning Animatronic Animal Robots

Five Nights At Freddys

Growing up, I loved going to the restaurant Chuck E. Cheese. Besides the video games, one of my favorite things about that place was the animatronic show featuring Chuck E. Cheese and his friends who performed in a band and played music for you while you ate cheesy pizza. The grease in the pizza combined with the music created by these robots created a kind of bliss for children that can’t be explained unless experienced. But in the back of my mind, I was always a bit creeped out by these animatronic characters. They looked so life like yet moved like robots. And sang.

Fast forward twenty five years. I was checking out the top apps in the Apple app store and I stumbled upon a $2.99 game called Five Nights at Freddy’s. The game centers on the fictional pizza restaurant called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The player acts as a night security guard, defending themselves from the malfunctioning animatronic animal characters by tracking their movement through the facility using security cameras. Each of the four characters have distinct movement patterns; however, most of the characters’ movements take place off-screen. The camera feeds are dimly lit and distorted, one of the rooms only contains an audio feed, and the cameras do not cover certain areas of the building. Sound creepy yet?

Being a fan of video games, scary movies and childhood nostalgia, I must give this game a try. It is supposedly very scary to play but I don’t care because it looks awesome. I will post a review of the app later, after I download it tonight. Well, if I make it through the night.


More F-Zero



F-Zero was developed and published by Nintendo and released in North America on August 13, 1991. With its original scenario and style of gameplay, F-Zero was the first of its kind and also features what was considered to be a groundbreaking technological achievement at that time, spawning a sub-genre. Graphically the game was strong in thanks to ‘Mode 7’ which allowed tracks to be scaled and rotated around the vehicle to simulate a 3D environment.


The story of F-Zero is as follows: Near the end of the 20th century mankind was gripped by the fear of being invaded by extraterrestrials. However, by the year 2560 humanity’s countless encounters with these alien life forms throughout the Universe expanded Earth’s social framework to astronomic proportions. Trade, technology and cultural interchange are carried out between planets.

fzero-2The multibillionaires who earned their enormous wealth through this intergalactic trade were satisfied with their rich lifestyles. However, they also yearned for new entertainment to stimulate their lazy lives, so a new entertainment based on the old F-1 races was founded. People came to call these Grand Prix races simply, “F-ZERO”.


In the game, there are two modes of play; Grand Prix and practice mode. In grand Prix mode, the player chooses a league and races against 20 other vehicles. Practice mode lets the player manually choose which course they want to practice on.

Characters race on plasma-powered hover cars while racing at speeds of up to 400km/h. A race consists of five laps around a course. In the course there are various obstacles including land mines, magnets and slips areas that the player must avoid in order to maintain power. If the player finishes any lap in last place then he is automatically disqualified. Every time a lap is completed, the vehicle is rewarded with approximately 4 seconds of speed boost time. The speed boost gives the player an advantage by speeding them up for short periods of time.


F-Zero introduced the characters; Captain Falcon, Dr. Stewart, Pico, and Samurai Goroh. Each character has their owne vehicle each with unique performance abilities. Each machine has an energy meter, which measures the machine’s health. If the energy meter gets low enough, a warning sound will play. If the energy gets to empty, the players hover car explodes and a life is lost




Max Power

Max Speed





Max Power

Max Speed


Blue Falcon


BF-2001 x4




Wild Goose


ES-8302 x3




Golden Fox


GF-2614 x4




Fire Stingray


RS-5025 x2





There are fifteen tracks divided into three leagues. At first the game has difficulty levels; beginner, standard, and expert but Completion of the expert class in any league unlocks the master difficulty level.

Knight League(Easy)

Mute City I

Big Blue

Sand Ocean

Death Wind I


Queen League(Moderate)

Mute City II

Port Town II

Red Canyon II

White Land I

White Land II

King League(Hard)

Mute City III

Death Wind II

Port Town II

Red Canyon II

Fire Field


L Button … shift weight to the left

R Button … shift weight to right

Control Pad Left … steer left

Control Pad Right … steer right

Control Pad Up … point nose up

Control Pad Down … point nose down

Select Button … move cursor

Start Button … pause; unpause

fzero-6X Button … brake

Y Button … brake

B Button … throttle

A Buton … super jet

Google Doodle’s Piñata Fun Game!

Google Doodle

To celebrate Google’s 15th birthday, they released a pretty addictive doodle that involves hitting a piñata that’s swinging on a tree. For every piece of candy that falls on the ground, you will get a point and you get ten swings per game. My high score was somewhere around 170 but I heard about others getting into the 180’s. It’s all about timing and you need to start swinging at the piñata before it’s actually back on the screen which makes it challenging to get a high score. Only thing is, doesn’t this seem like something for little kids birthday parties? At 15 I feel like you’ve moved on from the piñata scene. Oh well, still a fun game. Play it here.

Hotline Miami – A Game of the 80’s, Today

Hotline Miami

The most recent game that I’ve downloaded on my PS Vita is called Hotline Miami. It is a 2D top-down perspective action shooter video game developed by Dennaton Games and it’s a lot of fun to play. The game follows a character as he makes his way through several chapters of killing gang members and their pets in buildings and homes. There are many weapons including shotguns, handguns, knives, bats and swords. You die a LOT! I usually don’t make it through a chapter without dying at least 50 times. And while that may sound like it may take a lot of time to play through a chapter, it really doesn’t because the gameplay is very fast paced. If you make all the right moves and do not die once, you can make it through a chapter in about two minutes. The graphics in the game were purposely created like the game is from the late 80’s. The soundtrack is fun and also reminds me of that time period. Overall the game is a good time. I can see myself going back to this game in a few months to play for a quick fix.

Limbo :Visual Excellence

Limbo Game

I recently saw a great deal on a Vita game called Limbo on PlayStation Network. I had seen screenshots of this intriguing game before but I had never actually played it. After I downloaded it and began playing, I instantly became hooked. The game is beautiful and I never thought I would say that about a game set in monochrome. There really isn’t any music to it but there is sound. The game actually reminds me of dreams I’ve had only in my dreams I subconsciously control my actions. You control a little boy through a two-dimensional side-scrolling world while solving puzzles to continue on to the next area. There are no stories, breaks or cut scenes. If you die, you will just return to the beginning of the puzzle you are currently working on. I’m not quite done with the game yet but I’m about 66% there. I’m curious to see how it will end and if it will go into any meaning behind the game.

Fun Burn your PSVita with Sunflowers

Sunflowers PS Vita

Today I downloaded that game Sunflowers for PS Vita. Apparently the game is available for iPhone too but I have never heard of it before. The first thing that you will notice that’s different about this game is that it’s played on your PS Vita in vertical format which means that when playing you need to rotate your Vita 90 degrees. When I first heard this I instantly got turned off but it turns out that it really works well for this game. Because Sunflowers controls are touch screen only, There’s no need awkwardly push buttons while holding your Vita this way. The gameplay is very simple and great for casual gamers like myself who don’t have a lot of time and want to pick up a quick, 10-minute enjoyable game once in a while.

You control the sun, and the goal is to drop rain drops on the flowers below. To make the rain drops, the suns rays must pass through the clouds that move by. If you drop a ray of light that doesn’t pass through the clouds, it will burn whatever it touches on the ground. If it touches a flower, then that flower will burn and you need to give it water. If you burn too many flowers then you will get an X. Three X’s and game over. There are bonus levels once you collect a certain amount of points.

The graphics in Sunflowers are very good for such a cheap game. The sound is also very good and works well with the game. As you progress through levels, you can grow and collect new types of flowers. In the games main menu, you can view all the flowers that you’ve collected (there are over 300 types to collect in the game!) For $3.99 on the PlayStation Store you really can’t go wrong with this game. After purchasing it, I would consider it a must have Vita game for anyone that enjoys casual, arcade style games.

The Addictive Mr. Crab on Your iPhone

Today I’m taking a look at an app I downloaded called Mr. Crab (not to be confused with the SpongeBob character) for my iPhone. The game can be had at the standard 99 cent price tag (How are these games continuously so cheap?) and is a casual gamers dream. In the game, you control Mr. Crab, a fast little crab that crawls sideways in a circular motion around a giant sand castle. The goal is to make it to the top of the castle but that is no easy task young grasshopper. On the way to the top you will encounter obstacles, enemies, walls and coins that give you points. You can also try to collect all of the baby crabs that the level has to offer on the way to the top.

Bumping into an enemy will bump you down a couple of levels, prolonging your trip up the maze. The game controls are simple – you tap the screen to have Mr. Crab jump. Mr. Crab is capable of doing a double jump when he touches a wall in mid-air. The game has some beautifully colorful graphics that look great on high-resolution devices. The sound is okay. Mr. Crab works in both portrait and landscape modes but I prefer portrait. I’ve only made it about 1/3 of the way through the game so far but I’m having a lot of fun with it.