Excitebike’s Design Mode

One of the neatest things about Excitebike on NES was its design mode that allows you to create your own track layout by choosing from different obstacles and placing them on the track. It is truly amazing that this was included in the game considering when this game was released. To get to design mode, select ‘design’ from the title screen and then choose ‘design’ again to begin designing your course. Pick your pieces of the track to place using the ‘A’ button. To erase a piece, select ‘CL’ (clear). You can choose the number of laps your course will have (1-9) once you are done with the design.

Below are all the obstacles from A-S that you can choose from.


Piece A is a small regular jump.


Piece B is a medium regular jump.


Piece C is a large regular jump.


Piece D is a narrow jump.


Piece E is a steep jump.


Piece F is a take-off jump.


Piece G is a landing jump.


Piece H is a speed jump.


Piece I is a upper speed bump.


Piece J is a lower speed bump.


Piece K is an odd dirt trap.


Piece L is an even dirt trap.


Piece M is an upper speed arrow.


Piece N is a lower speed arrow.


Piece O is a lower grass patch.


Piece P is an upper grass patch.


Piece Q is a full grass patch.


Piece R is a huge jump.


Piece S is a L jump.


On My Way To 26.2 Miles

RunningSignMy first big accomplishment while training for my marathon was when I ran 10 miles. There’s something about that number that really makes it stand out. This was over the summer when it was very hot which made it even more difficult. Then, about three weeks later, 14 miles. I dunno why I always like to stop when I get to a mile marker. My Nike running app makes it easy to quickly see exactly how far I’ve gone. Then I tried my new running shoes and about a month later I hit 19 miles. “19 miles?” I thought, that’s so close to 26! Last weekend I ran 23 miles. It took me 4 hours and 30 minutes. I had added my hydration backpack and gu energy to my arsenal. My marathon is coming up in two weeks from tomorrow. It will be in downtown Baltimore and I think I’ll be ready.

Set a goal for yourself and you can accomplish anything you want. You can do it!

Microsoft Reveals Windows 10… The Confusion Continues

Windows 10

Yesterday Microsoft announced that it was working on a new operating system. In an odd practice, they decided to completely skip using 9 in its name and went directly to calling it Windows 10. Maybe they did this to show how confusing the Windows operating systems have been to consumers over the past decade.

Windows XP was great but then they decided it was just too old and came out with Windows Vista that no one wanted to use. Note to Microsoft: when you release a new operating system, it’s supposed to be better than the previous one. Next came Windows 7 which was actually decent but Microsoft decided it wasn’t going in the right direction with 7 so they decided to completely change things and quickly release 8. Ahh, Windows 8, the most confusing Operating System ever created. I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was to come up with two interfaces for Windows 8 but it is just not needed to have a “Metro” style and “classic” style and then have to constantly switch between the two.

Microsoft, have you noticed yet why OSX, iOS and Android operating systems are so successful? It’s because they don’t completely change the design every three years. They simply add and adjust features that customers want while keeping a similar look and feel. If your vision is to continue to have the public confused with your countless different versions of Windows, you’re doing it right.

And what’s up with IE? You still haven’t given up on that P.O.S. browser?

I recently moved my site to WordPress.com

wordpress logoRecently I switched my site from a hosted wordpress site to a wordpress.com. My web hosting company (http://www.fastwebhost.com/) was having some issues where my site was going down a lot and I would get errors and they even lost a couple of my blog posts. The WordPress process of transferring my blog posts couldn’t have been easier. You simply export all of your blog posts and comments as an xml file and then import them into your new WordPress site. I had roughly 550 posts and the import process only took a few seconds.

Once I started using my new wordpress.com blog, I instantly noticed the limitations. I can now only choose from a couple hundred themes now and cannot manually install plugins or widgets anymore. I also can no longer post Google Ads on my blog. One of the positives however is that by being on wordpress.com, you’re linked in with the other blogs and your blog posts become easier to locate by other users. I found the limitations to be okay considering I’m just into my blog for fun but not to make any money. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years on all my blog posts so I’m just happy that the transfer from my domain to wordpress.com went so smoothly.

More F-Zero



F-Zero was developed and published by Nintendo and released in North America on August 13, 1991. With its original scenario and style of gameplay, F-Zero was the first of its kind and also features what was considered to be a groundbreaking technological achievement at that time, spawning a sub-genre. Graphically the game was strong in thanks to ‘Mode 7’ which allowed tracks to be scaled and rotated around the vehicle to simulate a 3D environment.


The story of F-Zero is as follows: Near the end of the 20th century mankind was gripped by the fear of being invaded by extraterrestrials. However, by the year 2560 humanity’s countless encounters with these alien life forms throughout the Universe expanded Earth’s social framework to astronomic proportions. Trade, technology and cultural interchange are carried out between planets.

fzero-2The multibillionaires who earned their enormous wealth through this intergalactic trade were satisfied with their rich lifestyles. However, they also yearned for new entertainment to stimulate their lazy lives, so a new entertainment based on the old F-1 races was founded. People came to call these Grand Prix races simply, “F-ZERO”.


In the game, there are two modes of play; Grand Prix and practice mode. In grand Prix mode, the player chooses a league and races against 20 other vehicles. Practice mode lets the player manually choose which course they want to practice on.

Characters race on plasma-powered hover cars while racing at speeds of up to 400km/h. A race consists of five laps around a course. In the course there are various obstacles including land mines, magnets and slips areas that the player must avoid in order to maintain power. If the player finishes any lap in last place then he is automatically disqualified. Every time a lap is completed, the vehicle is rewarded with approximately 4 seconds of speed boost time. The speed boost gives the player an advantage by speeding them up for short periods of time.


F-Zero introduced the characters; Captain Falcon, Dr. Stewart, Pico, and Samurai Goroh. Each character has their owne vehicle each with unique performance abilities. Each machine has an energy meter, which measures the machine’s health. If the energy meter gets low enough, a warning sound will play. If the energy gets to empty, the players hover car explodes and a life is lost




Max Power

Max Speed





Max Power

Max Speed


Blue Falcon


BF-2001 x4




Wild Goose


ES-8302 x3




Golden Fox


GF-2614 x4




Fire Stingray


RS-5025 x2





There are fifteen tracks divided into three leagues. At first the game has difficulty levels; beginner, standard, and expert but Completion of the expert class in any league unlocks the master difficulty level.

Knight League(Easy)

Mute City I

Big Blue

Sand Ocean

Death Wind I


Queen League(Moderate)

Mute City II

Port Town II

Red Canyon II

White Land I

White Land II

King League(Hard)

Mute City III

Death Wind II

Port Town II

Red Canyon II

Fire Field


L Button … shift weight to the left

R Button … shift weight to right

Control Pad Left … steer left

Control Pad Right … steer right

Control Pad Up … point nose up

Control Pad Down … point nose down

Select Button … move cursor

Start Button … pause; unpause

fzero-6X Button … brake

Y Button … brake

B Button … throttle

A Buton … super jet