Mario Maker Makes Mario Masterpieces for Wii U

Mario Maker

This E3, Nintendo released a lot of news about upcoming games but the one that stood out to me besides Yoshi’s Woolly World was Mario Maker for Wii U. In Mario Maker, the player is able to create and play through their own Super Mario Bros. levels based on the original Mario Bros. for NES graphics and gameplay. Mario JumpingThere’s also an option to switch to a style of artwork to resemble NSMB. I think that this game will work really well on the Wii U because of the tablet design of the controller. Design could happen on the tablet while live testing and level play could happen on the TV.

I first played Little Big Planet on PS3, I was really excited that I was able to download other player’s level creations. I’m hoping that players of the Mario Maker game get excited about their levels and are able to upload their creations and let other fans download and play through their levels. There’s no news about price or release date yet for this title. I’m hoping it’s a download only title for around $15 – $20. Although I’m excited about the game, I don’t think that’d pay much more than that for it.


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