Mario Kart 8: My Impressions

Mario Kart 8

I recently purchased Mario kart 8 for Wii U and I was pretty blown away by the game. The graphics look amazing in HD and the controls work really well with the tablet controller. One of the neat things about the game are the replays. After a race, you have an option to replay the course highlights while you control the action including the option to view the replay in slow motion. Viewing the race in slow motion really shows you how good the graphics are because you can see details that you couldn’t see while playing the game live.

The course designs are done really well. Similar to the other Mario Kart games, there are 16 new courses and 16 courses older courses redone from other Mario Kart games. There are a good number of characters to choose from including some all new characters that were never playable in the series before. These include Koopa Kids and baby characters. The music is decent but nothing special. I did enjoy the jazzy coffee house music that was playing after you get first place in all 8 cups of an engine class in Grand Prix mode.

Take a look at my favorite courses from the game:

Luigi Death Stare

  • Sunshine Airport: Take a ride through the airport from Super Mario Sunshine. The course features the inside of the airport where you buy your tickets, the waiting area and then you go outside on the runway and travel through an airplane briefly. Next you take off into the sky and hover over a track while airplanes pass by you. There is a lot of details that you can miss but may catch if you watch the replay.
  • Mount Wario: This is one of the ‘cooler’ levels because you start on top of the mountain and work your way down it until you reach the bottom and the course is over. There are no laps. It takes place on a large mountain and features ski slopes, a dam that you travel through and trails to navigate around.
  • Donut Plains 3: So do you remember how Mario Kart had the Donut Plains 1 and Donut Plains 2 courses and then nothing new for Donut Plains in over 20 years? Well Mario Kart 8 features an all new Donut Plains level, Donut Plains 3. The course features a very similar layout to the Donut Plains courses of the past with lots of trees and a simple track layout with no hills.
  • Yoshi Valley: This was one of my favorite courses for Mario Kart 64 because of all of the different options of ways to get around the courses. There are a ton of paths that get separated by mountain cliffs and at the end of the course is a giant egg that can sometimes be difficult to get around.

More @ the official Mario Kart 8 website.


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