Pokémon Battle Trozei Attack!!

Pokemon Battle Trozei

A couple days ago I downloaded a 3DS game called Pokémon Battle Trozei. Although I don’t really understand 100 percent on exactly how it’s played, it’s cute, it’s fun and you get to collect Pokémon. The game is similar to Bejeweled and Candy Crush in that you need to match Pokémon faces together in groups of three or more horizontally or vertically to make that group disappear and the characters above fall. After matching up a bunch of characters in a row, a faster mode will happen where you only need to match them up in groups of two or more. When you have matched all that you can within your time limits, you will then attack the Pokémon on the top of the screen and if he loses all of his power, you will catch him.

Each level has at least five Pokémon to catch and once a level is complete you will unlock a new level in that area. After you unlock Pokémon, you can look in your Pokédex and see the list of all the Pokémon you caught so far. All together there are over 700 Pokémon characters to catch and at eight bucks this game is a steal. This game is honestly up to par with a full game that you’d pay $30 for and because it carries the Pokémon name, you’d think it would come at a premium price. I highly recommend this game to casual puzzle and Pokémon fans.


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