Uncle Otto’s Truck

Uncle Otto's Truck

I’m a Stephen King fan and I love short stories so I really enjoyed the book Skeleton Crew. My favorite short stories in the book include Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut, Word Processor of the Gods and The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands. The one story that really stands out however is Uncle Otto’s Truck.

The story is about Otto Schenck, a wealthy land owner in Maine. He and his partner George McCutcheon drive Otto’s truck around their land until it one day breaks down in a field when the engine blows. Otto murders George by crushing him under the truck and then starts to become obsessed with it. Otto is so interested in the truck that despite being a millionaire, he builds and later moves into a small one-room house with no bathroom a few yards from where the old truck sits. He insists that it’s slowly moving closer to him every day and that it’s going to kill him. The story is told by Otto’s nephew who later describes the day he found his uncle dead in bed with oil and a spark plug inside his mouth.

Overall it is a very well written story. It’s eerie to think that a man can dedicate a large part of his life to observing an old truck that sits in a field. I’d love to see it turned into a short film similar to the shorts you’ll find while watching the Creepshow series of movies.


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