Font With Human Features

Human fontBeing a web developer, I’ve come across many types of fonts over the years but never have I seen one quite like this. French design studio Kerozen has released a font entitled “Human Type” and it’s quite fascinating. Each letter features amazingly accurate human like elements including wrinkles, hair, lashes saggy skin and eyeballs.

I read the article on how the font was made and first the letter models were from with clay. Next, pictures of them were taken and brought into Photoshop. Finally, skin textures were added along with the hair and eyes. I’m not sure what type of article or design that this particular font would be good for but I’m sure that someone will find a use for it. Even though it’s just a jpg image on the right, I keep seeing the eye on that R blink as I type this. It’s creepy. No word yet of if the font will be available in other races besides Caucasian but stay tuned. Read up on the human font and see more letter examples here.


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