Dr. Luigi is Dr. Mario With a Steroids Prescription

Dr Luigi

Fans of the original Dr. Mario for NES will remember how addictive the gameplay was. It was Nintendo’s answer to Tetris and one of Nintendo’s best puzzle games ever. But 23 years after its release, the “Year of Luigi” is upon us and Nintendo has decided to release a game called Dr. Luigi. The game is an eShop only title and you will get four modes; Retro Remedy, Operation L, Virus Buster, and Online Battle. Retro Remedy is the same as the original Dr. Mario but the other three are completely new game modes. I haven’t had a chance to purchase this game yet but am interested in it. The only thing about it is that at $14.99, Dr Luigi has real doctor prices. I expected the game to be $9.99 or less and I will be waiting for an eShop sale because of that.


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