Wii Sports Club on Wii U

Wii Sports Club

Not having played Wii Sports in at least a couple of years, I was curious to try out Wii Sports Club for Wii U. I used to spend countless hours playing Wii Sports for Wii and I was curious as to how Nintendo’s latest iteration of the game stacked up against the original. Wii Sports Club is basically just Wii Sports in HD with online play. You choose from different ‘clubs’ to join based on the region or state of where you are located. Currently there are just two sports available, tennis and bowling but the other three (maybe more?) will be released later on. Wii Sports Club is available free to play as a trial for 24 hours. After that, to continue playing you need to decide between the $1.99 / day or $9.99 lifetime membership per sport.

After downloading the game, I began my free trial and dove right in with a tennis match. My opponent was very good and beat me by a lot. I felt defeated and decided to try bowling. Bowling was so much fun! You can decide between 10-pin and 100-pin games. I played a game of each and won first place in both. During gameplay while you wait for the other players to bowl you can hit left, up or right on the wiimote to say things like “good job”, “I did it” or “so close”. Each game seemed to last about 20 minutes. The reason it took longer than I thought it would is because after every bowl there are replays. Only the current bowler can choose to skip the replay if they want to. The HD graphics look really good. My Mii looks very clean and crisp on my 32″ HD TV and the background in the bowling alley had a lot of detail.

Overall the game is a lot of fun and I think I’m going to purchase the lifetime membership for bowling but skip tennis for now. We’ll see what happens when the other sports are opened up but something tells me I may want baseball or golf.


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