What Type of Tree Are You Sitting Under?


Ahh.. the shade of a tall tree. The sound it makes as the leaves blow in the air on a cool fall afternoon. Is there anything in nature more beautiful than trees? The other day I was curious as to what type of tree I had in my front yard because I was wondering how big it would get. I was hoping it would grow to be a large tree so that it would take up more of our front yard and give us privacy and summer shade. The tree was there when we bought the house so I had no idea what type it was. I wondered if there was any way to figure it out other than to just ask an expert.

I did a Google search for “What type of tree?” and found an awesome website called “What Tree Is That?” located on the Arbor Day Foundation website. It basically asks you a series of questions based on the leaves of the tree and narrows down what tree it is based on your answers. The questions have to do with the trees region, leaf shape, leaf color and other things. Once I was done narrowing down the tree, the website told me that I had a “Flowering Dogwood”. I then Googled that and saw a picture to confirm that that was in fact the tree in my front yard. From there I was able to see that this particular tree can grow up to 30 feet tall.


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