Fun Burn your PSVita with Sunflowers

Sunflowers PS Vita

Today I downloaded that game Sunflowers for PS Vita. Apparently the game is available for iPhone too but I have never heard of it before. The first thing that you will notice that’s different about this game is that it’s played on your PS Vita in vertical format which means that when playing you need to rotate your Vita 90 degrees. When I first heard this I instantly got turned off but it turns out that it really works well for this game. Because Sunflowers controls are touch screen only, There’s no need awkwardly push buttons while holding your Vita this way. The gameplay is very simple and great for casual gamers like myself who don’t have a lot of time and want to pick up a quick, 10-minute enjoyable game once in a while.

You control the sun, and the goal is to drop rain drops on the flowers below. To make the rain drops, the suns rays must pass through the clouds that move by. If you drop a ray of light that doesn’t pass through the clouds, it will burn whatever it touches on the ground. If it touches a flower, then that flower will burn and you need to give it water. If you burn too many flowers then you will get an X. Three X’s and game over. There are bonus levels once you collect a certain amount of points.

The graphics in Sunflowers are very good for such a cheap game. The sound is also very good and works well with the game. As you progress through levels, you can grow and collect new types of flowers. In the games main menu, you can view all the flowers that you’ve collected (there are over 300 types to collect in the game!) For $3.99 on the PlayStation Store you really can’t go wrong with this game. After purchasing it, I would consider it a must have Vita game for anyone that enjoys casual, arcade style games.


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