Joe Danger: Excitebike on Red Bull

Joe DangerThe other day I downloaded a racing game called Joe Danger on my iPad. In this colorful game, you control a stuntman named Joe Danger as you race through different levels which get more and more difficult as you progress through the game. At three dollars, I expected a little more than what I’d get with the standard 99 cent app downloads and the game does deliver. To control Joe, you tap the screen to jump (and double jump) while swiping will perform speed-enhancing tricks. Holding a finger on the screen will make Joe duck which is good when going through Super Mario Bros. looking green pipes.

As you make your way through the levels jumps and loops you can collect coins and stars. Gather enough and you can unlock new characters like Elvis and a Zombie and a Mario looking mustache man. The graphics are very crisp and the sound and music is fun and energizing. Overall Joe Danger is not a bad pickup for three bucks. Whether you buy it now or wait for it to go on sale, it should provide you with countless minutes of fun.


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