New Super Acorn Power-Up

Super Acorn

Back when the original Super Mario Bros. came out on NES, there was only one power-up available. The was of course the fireball attack. When Super Mario Bros. 3 came out I was excited for the raccoon suit because it enabled Mario to fly and attack enemies with his tail. Over the years as new Mario games came out, new power-ups became available. In Nintendo’s latest iteration of the game, The New Super Mario Bros. U., Nintendo introduced a new power-up, the Super Acorn. The Super Acorn enables Mario or other characters in the game to glide from platform to platform. In addition, you gain the ability to cling to walls and air jump while gliding. Although I haven’t played this game yet, I’m interested in trying out this new power-up. Perhaps when I get the Wii-U, I will get this opportunity.

More @ the well-designed site newsupermariobrosu.


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