United States Census Map Created With 341,817,095 Dots

Census dotmap

Usually when I see a map of the United States, I see it with all kinds of labels, colors and lines to represent the different states, cities, roads, parks, etc. Coming across this map was quite an exciting change. The Census Dotmap only consists of 341,817,095 dots – one for each person. That’s a lot of dots, and more than enough to make this U.S. map easily distinguishable with defined borders due to built-up coastlines. After zooming in, if you’re really curious about an area on the map, there is an option to show labels.

This map was created by Brandon Martin-Anderson who wrote a python script to generate the dots based on US Census information from 2010 and 2011. I think that this map is so fascinating that Google should incorporate it into their maps applications which now has options like maps, satellite, traffic and terrain.

View the Census Dotmap.


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