Oreo’s Appetizing Twist, Lick, & Dunk App

Twist Lick & Dunk App

When I found out that one of my favorite game developers came out with a new game, I immediately went to the app store and downloaded it. Pik Pok’s latest app is a cross between Fruit Ninja and their own Slam Dunk King. It is an Oreo promotional game called Twist, Lick, Dunk. The game takes place in a kitchen setting and you have 60 seconds to twist, lick and dunk as many Oreo cookies that come flying on your screen as you can. The first swipe over the cookies will twist them apart, the second swipe will lick them, and then you must dunk them into the glass of milk on the table before the next cookies will appear. The more cookies that you do this with in a single swipe, this higher your score will be after your 60 seconds of gameplay are up. You will then see how many gold coins you won. Gold coins can be exchanged for unlocking up to 20 different types of Oreo cookies that Nabisco released throughout Oreo’s 100-year history. The more unique unlocked cookies will yield higher bonuses, thus giving you a higher overall score.

The game is very solid with beautiful hi-res graphics. I think that it would be more realistic if the cookies flew onto your screen for a reason. Perhaps a person can be flinging them up into the air rather than them just flying onto your screen from oblivion. The game is free but you will see some ads pop up every couple of games.


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