Lockitron Offers Many Features to Your Front Door


When you think about things that can make your life easier in the future, front door lock management doesn’t usually come to mind. But I stumbled upon this really interesting product that just makes a lot of sense. And while I don’t see something like this taking off in the next few years, I could imagine a future where every home has something similar to this.

This product will do a number of things that may make your life easier. For one, you will be able to grant others access to your home from anywhere in the world through an app on your smartphone. It will also alert you whenever your front door gets locked or unlocked. Keyless entry? It’s not just on cars anymore. When you get close to the door, it will automatically unlock instantly making it easier to come home when you have a handful of groceries. Installation is easier than installing a new lock because this device fits over your current lock. It connects to the internet via wifi and has built in Bluetooth. If the 4 AA batteries run out of juice or your house power goes out, you can always use your old key the same as always. They come in black, white and chrome colors and when the second batch of these ships in May, 2013 they will go for $149/each.

More @ Lockitron.


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