Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo Doodle

Winsor McCay Google

I may not be a huge fan of Winsor McCay. Honestly, I haven’t even heard of him before today but Google has changed that with it’s somewhat interactive doodle celebrating his life and his cartoon, Little Nemo. Little Nemo is the main fictional character in a series of weekly comic strips that appeared in the New York Herald and New York American newspapers dating between 1905 and 1914. In the animated Google Doodle, the user controls Nemo through an interactive comic strip as he falls through a hole one night while sleeping before being caught and dragged into a window in a ball by a princess. They then bounce along a platform before falling into a walking bed that takes them through a room beore dumping Nemo where he then falls into water near a staircase. It then looks like Nemo just imagined this little story before it takes you to the Winsor McCay search results page. Sounds cool right?

More @ Google Doodles.


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