Wonderputt: Wonderful Putting on Your iPad

Wonderputt app

I didn’t realize it until now but there is a lack of quality mini-golf games on the iPad. With touch sensitive controls, the iPad seems like such a great interface for mini-golf too. I bought this app called Wonderputt and let me tell you, it is quite the unique mini-golf experience. With Wonderputt, this isn’t a typical realistic mini-golf game that you’re playing but more of a surreal fantasy game. The object of the game is to of course get your ball in the whole with the least amount of strokes as possible. But the obstacles you putt through are very interesting. There are bowl shaped-deserts, lush greenery, cityscapes, mechanical levels, water ponds, and more. Some holes lead to new areas. The gameplay graphics are flashy and are done really nicely. Another thing I enjoy doing in the game is reading the statistics that come up after you complete a level which go into detail about your points.

Here is a development diary on the making of Wonderputt.


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