Jaws Revenge Will Bite Through Your Tablet

Jaws Revenge

I’m a big fan of games where you play the bad guy. Lately I’ve been playing this game called Jaws Revenge on my iPad and iPod. The gameplay is simple. You are a shark that needs to bite your way through as many things possible to score big points. You progress your way through the levels of the game by successfully completing objectives such as killing ten swimmers. The way the controls work are also pretty simple. Jaws will always have the tendency to swim right under the surface of the water and when you tap and hold the screen, he swims lower. If you swim low and release the tap, Jaws will jump out of the water so that you can attack the things in the sky like seagulls, airplanes and para-sailors. The graphics in the game look realistic and impressive. For only 99 cents and 20mb of storage usage, this app is entertaining and worth picking up.


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