RIP Nintendo Power. 1988 – 2012

Nintenod Power logo

It’s a sad day because I just found out that the first magazine I ever subscribed to, Nintendo Power, is shutting down after 24 years of being in publication. In the summer of ’88 I remember playing Super Mario Bros. at my friend’s house and him getting the first copy of Nintendo Power in the mail. After I left his house, I went back to my house to find my very own copy in my mailbox as well. I was so excited to receive a free copy of a magazine all about Nintendo. I instantly got my parents’ permission and subscribed to the magazine and continued to receive it for 3-4 years. In the mid-90’s I subscribed again when I found out that Nintendo was giving a free copy of the game Dragon Warrior with new subscriptions. Nintendo Power also always included a free folded up poster that I used to get excited about. My bedroom growing up was usually wallpapered with these posters.

Over the years since I had the subscriptions, I would once in a while glance through the latest issue of Nintendo Power on the grocery store shelves and reminisce about my youth. I still have the very first issue, with the clay Mario jumping on a mushroom while being chased by Bowser on the cover, at home under my nightstand stacked up along with some other issues of the magazine. Nintendo Power currently has roughly 475,000 monthly readers and the 281st issue was released in August. No word yet on which month will be the last issue for Nintendo Power.


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