Temple Run Brave For iOS

Temple Run Brave

Similar to what Disney is doing with the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph movie, a game based off of the popular iOS game Temple Run has been created. This game is to promote Disney Pixar’s recently released Brave movie about Merdina, a skilled Scottish archer that causes chaos in her kingdom. As far as game play is concerned, Temple Run Brave is very similar to the original Temple Run. Along with the graphics overhaul, there are obviously a few differences between the two games. In Temple Run Brave, there is a new Archery feature where the player can tap on targets to collect extra coins. If you’re a fan of Temple Run, you will want to check out Temple Run Brave for $0.99 and see the different environment and new archery feature. In my opinion the enemy that chases you is more exciting than those weird ape things in the original Temple Run.


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