Super Mario Bros. U.S. Release Date Mystery

Super Mario Bros US Release Date

You’d think that some of the most revolutionary video games of all time would have a lot of information available regarding their U.S. release. In the case of Super Mario Bros. however, the exact date that the video game was released in the U.S is still a mystery. Some twenty-seven years ago, records weren’t necessarily kept on video game sales and in 1985 Nintendo took a big risk in bringing out the NES in a market where home video game crash of 1983. Everyone is pretty certain of the location of the first sale of Super Mario Bros. in the which was U.S. FAO Schwarz in New York. FAO Schwartz (now owned by Toys “R” Us) however does not have records of sales dating back that far. In the article that I read, Nintendo refused to comment on the exact U.S. ship date of game which makes me wonder if they even know the exact date.

More @ Gamasutra & The Mushroom Kingdom.


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