Fat Jump With a Flying Pickle

Fat Jump Pickle

Today I am taking a look at Fat Jump, a game for iOS. Fat Jump is like Doodle Jump meets Willy Wonka. A lot of the elements in Fat Jump resemble the elements in Doodle Jump but with a food twist. The goal of the game is to get your pickle character as high as you can without falling down to the bottom of the screen which will cause your game to be over.

Fat Jump

As you jump up, you land on floating islands that if jumped upon a certain number of times, will collapse and leave you looking for somewhere else to jump. Along the way you will find different food items. Like in real life, you want to eat the healthy items and stay away from the sweets. Eat things like cupcakes and you will become fat and bloated which will make it more difficult to continue to move up but eating healthy things like apples will just give you extra points. There are also coins to collect and things like springs and spin hats that will help you progress higher, faster.

The version of Fat Jump that I tried is the free version which includes ads along the top of the screen that aren’t too intrusive on gameplay. I really like the pretty graphics in this app and I find the food elements a neat addition to what I’m used to out of similar jump games. Still, I can’t help but think the developer could have come up with a more original concept that doesn’t copy another game so heavily.


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