The Bosses of Final Fight

The bosses of Final Fight

Final Fight DamndBoss 1: Damnd

The first boss in Final Fight is a big guy with a hearty laugh. Damnd looks a bit similar to Hulk Hogan. He is seen in the first cutscene of the game right before level 1 begins with Jessica over his shoulder. A crucial member of the Mad Gear gang, Damnd was brought up in the world of illegal street crime. After spending some time in the slammer and then being released, he started selling drugs on the streets of Metro City.

After busting through the front door of his hideout, Damnd will come right at you in full force. Don’t try to go to him but instead let him come to you from above or below but never from the side or he will have a reach advantage. After knocking him down a couple of times he will do a barrel flip onto the subway entrance and whistle for his buddies and fellow gang members to come out and help. After you start punishing his buddies, he will do another barrel flip towards you and try to jump kick you. Quickly move up or down on the screen to avoid him and then go to work on him again. This will happen three times before Damnd will start to lose energy. After the final hit he will fall down and with all his strength try to get back up but instead just collapse. This leaves the subway entrance open for you to start he next level.

Boss 2: Sodom

The second boss, Sodom is a dangerous shoulder pad wearing undefeated underground pro wrestler who likes to swing katana swords at anyone who chooses to get in his way. He was born in the United States and is obsessed with Japanese culture. In addition to Final Fight, Sodom has appeared in Street Fighter games sporting jutte blades.

After making your way through the subway, You will drop into the wrestling ring where Sodom will be waiting for you while sitting on a bar stool. There will be a huge crowd in the background watching and cheering on the fight so don’t disappoint and give them something good to watch. Sodom will jump off of his chair and come at you sword swinging. Let him follow you into the corner and then jump kick him. He will drop a katana but is still dangerous. He will stare down at the ground and be ready to charge at you like a bull. If you’re fast enough that is a good time to get a quickly jump kick him. Keep on attacking him and don’t let him get back to where his katanas are or it will be more difficult to defeat him. He will fall down after roughly 8 knock-downs and you can move on to the next level.

Boss 3: Edie E

Edie E wasn’t always a Mad Gear street crime gang member. He used to make a living as a cop on the streets of Metro City fighting people just like what he’s become. However, with a shrinking salary and a family to feed, Edie E thought that there would be a way to make some more cash in a life of illegal street crime. He begged Mad Gear for a job and proved himself worthy to them. He still hangs out on the Metro City streets but this time he’s working for the bad guys selling drugs in Westside.

When Edie E. is first is seen in Final Fight, he will come right at you. He is pretty fast for the large burly exposed-chest-haired man that he is. He will usually have one hand on his holster ready to pull out his gun and start firing. Don’t let him be within shooting range of you or he will get his gun out. Instead stay above or below him on the screen and let him come to you and then start attacking him. Once he’s down, stay near him and then as he starts to get up continue to attack. Eventually after a few punishing rounds he will fall face first onto the pavement and it will be time for you to go to the Industrial Area.

Final Fight RolentoBoss 4: Rolento

Rolento is a former member of the special forces unit, the Red Berets. He is a trained soldier that doesn’t mind taking his battlefield combat skills to the Metro City streets. This means that he will try to destroy anyone in his way using a baton and hand grenades. He also has made appearances in some Street Fighter games under his same name.

When you’re at the end of the Industrial level, you will make your way to an elevator with many Mad gear Gang members attacking you. He will then jump out from behind the ladder behind the elevator and try to take you down. Rolento has a vicious spin attack jump that is so fast it’s difficult to see it coming. When he does spin attack, stay close to where he will land his jump and then attack him. When he gets up, get to the other side of the elevator. He will charge attack you but if you’re on the other side he won’t get close enough to hurt you. He will then spin jump attack you which is when you should attack him when he lands again. Once he starts to get desperate, he will start jumping on the top platform above the elevator and then jump spin attack you using grenades. Continue the same strategy until he eventually fails and commints suicide by blowing himself up with the rest of his grenades.

Final Fight AbigalBoss 5: Abigail

Growing up, Abigail had a tough time in grade school. He was always the outcast in his class and took advantage of his large size by turned to violence to make up for his lack of friends. After graduation, the only real opportunities for him were offered by the city’s multiple street gangs. After a brutal street gang fight where he got mad, turned red and destroyed opponents, he caught the attention of the Mad Gear Gang where he joined and ruled the streets of the Bay Area.

With what looks like the Statue of Liberty in the background and a beautiful sunset comes a man so large that at first he looks nearly impossible to beat down. He will run at you out of nowhere. Instantly jump attack him and grab the sword on the ground if it is available. After he gets up he will come at you again which at this point simply swing the sword at him and he will fall. He will get up and run towards you along with other opponents but if you continue to swing your sword at him at just the right time before he gets to you, you will be fine and defeat him. Don’t let his red face scare you. Just because he’s upset doesn’t mean that he will be more difficult to beat.

Final Fight BelgerBoss 6: Belger

We’re now Uptown on the final level of Final Fight which means it’s time to face Horace Belger. He pretends to be a businessman but is actuallt the mastermind of the Mad Gear gang. His wheelchair is just a front and he is perfectly capable of walking. He carries has a deadly crossbow in one hand and uses Jessica as a human shield in the other. Capcom has never stated exactly just what the final plan was for the Mad Gear Gang but it’s clear that making as much cash by selling illegal drugs is a part of that plan.

While uptown you will make your way off the streets and into a fancy building. Then up an elevator and to what looks like a different area all together because it’s filled with palm trees and swimming pools. Finally, make your way into another fancy building that dead ends with a window and Belger will appear from behind you. Instantly attack him and he will drop Jessica and fall out of his wheelchair. After he falls, he will jump up and fire his crossbow at you in midair. Do not get in his way or a bow will take a lot of damage off of you. stay above or below Belger until he lands and the attack him again. Eventually you will get Belger up against the glass window side of the building and after the final blow, he will fall out of the building. You have just saved Jessica from the Mad Gear Gang!


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