Tasting The Skittles Blenders Rainbow

Skittles Blenders

Today at the gas station I noticed a new flavor of Skittles called Skittles Blenders. Curious about this new product, I decided to pick up a pack. I’ve been a Skittles fan for quite a while. I’m always looking for low-fat candies that fulfill my sweet tooth without giving me a ton of saturated fat that is so bad for me. After doing some research I found out that Blenders are the latest product introduced by Skittles and they came out in 2011. After anxiously tearing open the pack and spilling a few on the ground, I realized that Skittle Blenders taste a lot like Tropical Fruit Starbursts.

Skittle Blenders come in five flavors – Melon Berry Burst, Strawberry Lime Blast, Cherry Tropicolada, Watermelon Green Apple Freeze and Mango Lemonade Freeze. In case you were wondering, the theme here is that each piece of candy has two flavors blended together giving them a new unique taste. The colors of these Skittles are also different than the color of original Skittles. Personally I don’t find Blenders to taste better than original. There are already so many combinations of pieces that you can eat with original Skittles that Blenders doesn’t really add to much for me. Pick up a pack at your local gas station and judge for yourself.


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