Animated Comic Book Covers

Kerry Callen came up with this awesome animated comic books that are based on actual comic book covers of the past. There are also three more covers at the link below. This technique is very time consuming but can all be done in Photoshop.

The artwork has to be cut up into layers. In this case, the area of the artwork that doesn’t animate should be the layer in front and the other layers that animate should go behind that layer and the animation should be created. Finally, in the example here it looks like there would need to be another two layers that contains arm and shot glass to go in front of all the other layers. Although there looks like there is quite a bit of movement in this comic cover, the entire animation can really be done with just two or three frames.

If I had more spare time I’d love to work on a similar project with classic NES game covers.

More @ Kerry Callen’s Blog.


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