Angry Birds Turns Two Years Old

Angry Birds 2nd Birthday

Angry Birds has really been a defining game for the touch generation (iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, etc). It’s hard to believe that it has only been out for two years when it seems like it has been so much longer. To celebrate, there have been some new levels released today for the iPhone. Here are my favorite Angry Bird characters listed from most to least favorite:

  1. Black Angry Bird – The black Angry Bird is my favorite because he’s basically a bomb that does a lot of damage. After this bird lands and causes a minimal initial damage, you can tap to make the black Angry Bird explode or wait a few seconds for his built-in timer do it itself.
  2. Yellow Angry Bird – Although the triangular yellow Angry Bird may not look like much at first, he can cause some serious damage by his user-controlled speed burst he gets when you tap the screen. If you do use him just right and aim properly he can cause some level-clearing destruction that will help you throughout the game.
  3. Big Brother Bird – This bird may not be the brightest bird in the bunch but he can cause harm due to his intense size. Once you see just how big he is compared to the others he will become an instant favorite.
  4. Blue Bird – At first you will think that this bird is a wimpy little guy but big things come in small packages. He splits off into three birds when the user taps the screen which when done properly can put the baddies in check.

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