Lowering Your Comcast Cable & Internet Bill

Last year I called Comcast to see what deals they had on cable TV. At the time I already had Comcast internet. The man I spoke to set me up with a package that included hi-speed internet, hundreds of channels of HD cable TV including HBO, and a DVR all for roughly $110/month. The deal seemed good and I was satisfied with that price.

I was quite surprised when 12 months after I started with the package the bill shot up to $180/month. I was upset so I decided to call Comcast to see if there was anything they could do for me. I told them that if they couldn’t lower my bill back to the reasonable price I was paying before the price hike that I’d like to cancel the cable service. The gentleman on the line from Comcast took a look to see what promotions that they had and found one that was similar to my old bill.

From my experience, Comcast has a history of this. They figure that unless you complain about your service pricing being too high, then you are okay with paying it. Comcast also has a monopoly in my area on high-speed internet. They are literally the only company in my neighborhood that offers it. The moral of this story is that it doesn’t hurt to complain about high monthly cable bills because they are negotiable.


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