Maine Man Drives Honda Accord One Million Miles

Joe LoCicero of Saco, Maine has really gone the distance. He’s driven his 1990 Honda Accord one million miles. LoCierco’s a damage claim inspector and his territory of coverage is large so having a reliable car is important to him because he can drive up to 55,000 miles a year. To get this kind of mileage on a car, proper maintence is key and Saco knows a lot about cars. The entire time that he has owned his vehicle, he only had to have it towed once when his fuel pump died. As his vehicle got closer to the 1,000,000 mile marker, he contacted Honda about his story and when he finally reached the magic number, Honda made him the king of his town for a day by sponsoring a parade with him in the spotlight. They also gave him a brand new 2012 Honda Accord to thank him for his continued support to his vehicle. Even with a brand new car in his driveway, LoCicero can’t let go of his ’90 Accord. “I’m still driving it!”


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