Lamp Chair Is A Space Saver

Chair Lamp

When you think about it, the majority of the time a lamp is located above or next to a chair or couch. Why? Because chances are that you will need light when you are sitting down no matter what you’re doing. This is a great idea for that reason among another which is that this is a big space saver. In a world where we have separate things for just about everything that we do, it’s nice to see something like this. Take for example cooking a meal. To prepare for the meal you will need to get out the ingredients for the meal, the measuring cups, serving spoons, cutting board, knives, etc. You’ve used ten items before you have even started cooking.

Now I understand that it’s not very practical to have one gadget that does everything (unless it’s an iPhone). There’s a reason that people go to rock concerts with multiple rockers and not just one guy standing in the middle of the stage being a one-man band. But I’m all about smart designs like this and will continue to feature them on this blog because of my love for them


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