Difficult Run Trail In Great Falls Park

Today we traveled to Virginia to check out a trail along the Difficult Run stream called Difficult Run trail. We passed by Scott’s Run, a rail south of Great Falls Park tha we’d been to before. The Difficult Run trail is actually a part of a much larger trail loop in Great Falls Park. Some of the other trails in the loop include Ridge Trail, River Trail and Swamp Road which all together make a 5.1 mile or two and a half hour hike. The Difficult Run portion of the loop is only about a mile and a half one way and starts at the the parking section off of 193 (Georgetown Pike).

From the parking lot we traveled south and then east and made our way underneath a bridge the was rt. 123 above us. The trail then meets up with Difficult Run, the stream, and follows it all the way to the Potomac River. The stream starts to pick up about half way down the trail and there are even some decent sized waterfalls. Apparently this area is a great hangout place for people to bring their dogs to go swimming because we saw about six dogs swimming in the stream. It started to get a little bit hilly towards the end of the trail as we made our way to the Potomac river.

After we reached the Potomac (pictures right), we decided to go up a hill to the Trail Ridge trail but didn’t make it very far before we decided to turn around. That trail actually went north up the Potomac and was on the opposite side of the Billie Goat Trail in Maryland on the other side of Mather Gorge. We did enjoy the trail and it was my first time in Great Falls Park. next time we may check out the Visitor Center and more of the trails in Great Falls Park up north.


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