Catoctin Mountain Park – Chimney Rock

Catoctin Mountain Park

Last weekend we went to visit Catoctin Mountain Park in Thurmont, MD which is located about an hour from where we live. First we parked at the visitors center and went inside to get some information. Next we started what we thought was going to be a simple 3 mile trail to Chimney Rock and back. The trail we went on went Southeast from the Visitors Center. We went about half a mile before we decided to cut off the trail and head north up the side of the mountain to Chimney Rock. We traveled up about a 500ft incline of desolated area before we ended up on the trail halfway between Wolf Rock and Chimney Rock. We hiked southwest towards Chimney Rock and finally made it there.

After we took a break at Chimney Rock, we started to head around the rock and make out way back south. We came up to a split in the trail and accidently walked an extra mile out of the way. After we worked our way down the mountain we walked along a river for about half a mile until we came upon the Park Headquarters. Now we just had one final stretch to go to make it back to the car and we were exhausted.

The entire hike took about three hours and was intense due to the mountain you have to climb up. Also, often the trails were in poor condition and not clearly marked which made it take long to hike in this park. Overall though it was still a fun experience with a beautiful view that makes it a rewarding hike up the mountain.


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