Nintendo 3DS Lite Improvements

I am the owner of a 3DS and although the system has a lot to offer I think that there are some major revisions that should happen when Nintendo releases a lite version of the system in a couple of years. While there are a lot of things that I love about the 3DS including the 3D joystick, great sound and power button placement, here is the list of things that Nintendo should consider improving on:

  • Select, home and start buttons: I’m not sure what the 3DS designers were thinking when they made these flat buttons this way. Not only are they more difficult to find but they are also more difficult to push once you do find them.
  • Thickness of the 3DS: If Apple can jam all that they can into an iPod Touch then there’s really no reason that the 3DS should be this thick and heavy.
  • Quality of the 3D slider control: This little silver slider just feels so delicate and cheap compared to the volume and wireless sliders on the system.
  • DPad: They should have left the same DPad from the DS Lite on the 3DS. It was easier to use and felt better.
  • Touch screen: How about a touch screen that is more sensitive and supports multi-touch and gestures in the future?
  • Stylus placement: Move it back to the right. It’s much easier to access it there.
  • Battery life: At least make it comparable the the DS when 3D mode is not in use.

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