Unbiased Google Search Results

If you’re in the business of trying to get great search engine optimization on websites that you create, then you may think you’re doing a great job when you do a Google search for your work. However, the truth is that when you do a Google search, Google uses your IP address and cookies to customize your results based on your previous searches and often visited sites. How can one get unbiased results without having to go through their web browser and resetting all their preferences?

Scroogle can help you by searching through Google for keywords, not through your known IP address but through a random one with no cookies, no search-term records and the access log is deleted within 48 hours. This makes the search results actual unbiased websites you’d see if you were to search for something, not knowing anything about it. In addition, there are no Google ads to be seen and some fun artsy graphics that show up when you search.

More @ Scroogle.


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